Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Guest bathrooms can sometimes be a design challenge--tight spaces, windowless rooms and odd shapes are just some of the obstacles you may face.  If you look at the space as a creative opportunity you can create a unique, beautiful room by using color and texture to bring personality to to the room.

I recently worked with beautiful alabaster wallpaper squares for a guest bathroom in a townhouse in Manhattan.  The shimmering panels caught the light of the antique light fixtures and gave the windowless room a glamorous feeling. These alabaster chevron patterned tiles are from Maya Romanoff.

I would really like to work with  Schumacher's Nest Collection wallpaper.  Crafted entirely by hand of natural feathers, these wallpapers bring the beauty of nature into your home. The Peacock wallpaper is a statement making exotic blue--gorgeous in a small bathroom. Caumsett in sable shimmers in tones of gold and brown.

For a warm, luxurious, clubby feeling, Ralph Lauren has a beautiful collection of faux leather and exotic skins.  I particularly like the Yacare Crocodile in red and the Ostrich in dark camel.

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