Friday, November 27, 2009


The morning after Thanksgiving brings a tryptophane induced slumber throughout my house that leaves me preferring a quiet and lazy day with plenty time for reading or old movies.  For many,  Black Friday is a full 24 hour shopping frenzy, starting shortly after Thanksgiving dinner and going all night with energy bursts supplied by Starbucks and cans of Redbull.  I know these indefatigable shoppers will be bringing home outrageous bargains for all their hard work, but holiday shopping will have to wait for me.  Today I will be spend  the day recovering from the excesses of last night; too much food, too much drink...and spend the morning under the covers with a cup of coffee and some good reading material. My version of the perfect Black Friday is a well appointed bedroom in a dark, cocoon like black. A luxurious throw and soft lighting will provide the perfect atmosphere for a restful day. Enjoy Black Friday, however you choose to spend it!

 Mary McDonald



Katy said...

I'm with you. While I love shopping, the mere thought of setting foot in a store on Black Friday makes me shudder. The black rooms on the other hand, amazing!

Tracy@GeneralSplendour said...

I love this post! A Google search for a bedroom brought me to it and with Black Friday a few short months away - I agree with you! Last year was the first year I did not go shopping and it was WONDERFUL. I didn't miss it in the least and helped me to love the Thanksgiving weekend even more. :-)