Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Terrier Art Deco Antique Bookends 1920's

 I admired the most beautiful collection of antique canine bookends this past weekend at one of my favorite design stores, Homenature in Southampton. Owner John Heilmann has culled an amazing canine collection from the 1920's which includes beautiful Boxers and chi-chi Chows. Treat the dog aficionado in your life to one of these gorgeous pieces, and please take note Santa-the English Boxer in bronze is on my list!

Rare Antique Bronze Boxer Bookends 1920


Boston Terrier Antique Bookends Circa 1925

Chow Dog Antique Bookends 1920

Scottie Antique Bookends 1920

Hunting Dog Antique Bookends 1925


Katy said...

What a fab going on the hunt for vintage French Bulldog bookends right now...Thanks!

Norma said...

These are really cool. I have a snew set of Antique Bookends from Mecox. I will probably go back again to buy more as holiday gifts because they are really beautiful. There were a number of options there and I really liked all of them.