Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hatchlings Childrens Store

You can't beat the pristine beaches and long hot days of summer in Southampton, but the autumn, especially Thanksgiving weekend, is a fantastic time to visit. Beautiful evergreens line the main street festooned with bright colored bulbs and shopkeepers decorate their storefronts with country chic decor. This year shoppers were treated to some of the most creative and splendidly decorated windows with an always in style "PEACE" theme.

My favorite windows included the groovy white light Peace sign hanging between two columns in the Homenature  store entrance and the ethereal feather Peace wreath in the Hatchling's window, home to a fantastic children's boutique. The Elegant Setting decorated their boxwood planters with brown silk bows and silver balls which complimented the stores Peace wreath constructed of organic nut shells. Sant Ambroeus, the Milanese Restaurant and gelateria,  kept it traditional with evergreen and red and gold ornaments decorating their Peace sign--fun and festive, the store welcomed shoppers like Brook Schields and her family who were seen enjoying scoops of the shops famous gelato. After a day of window-shopping, I had just enough time to enjoy a glass of wine and bowl of lobster bisque at Silver's Restaurant, then it was time to head back to the city--singing merrily all the way!


Homenature Store
Homenature Store Window

Elegant Setting

Elegant Setting Shop Door

Sant Ambroeus Restaurant

Silver's Restaurant


red ticking said...

i love coming to the hamptons in the summer and i am sure i would love it at thanksgiving... i have peace signs in my store and i love your post... this is what we all need to remember this holiday season... x pam

hampton hostess said...

thanks for writing Pam-can't wait to visit your site!