Monday, December 21, 2009


He waits for me at the door ready with a kiss, never complains about dinner and is always ready to snuggle-sounds like the perfect man. But I'm actually describing my one of a kind dog Dash; a sweet, affectionate Labradoodle with a prominent underbite who likes to sing in the car. He's been a good dog this year (except for eating the Chinese takeout ) so we've prepared a list for Santa. He would really be quite pleased with anything on the list just as long as there's a bag of chew sticks in his stocking.

1. Lupita Alessi Dog Bowl at Bloomingdale's

2. Hand In Hand Knit Sweater Kate Spade 

3. Kiehl's Cuddly-Coat shampoo and conditioner at Barneys

4. Doggie gourmet canoli treat from Paws Gourmet

5. Donation to the ASPCA

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