Friday, January 8, 2010


Donghia's Suzani Jacquard fabric in Blue Bliss in a room by designer Jeffery Bilhuber

Bright punctuations of color really appeal to me- I guess that's why I seem to be constantly drawn to the vibrant colors and beautiful patterns which are hallmarks of Suzani-the intricate Central Asian embroidered cloth.  Persian for "needle," Susani fabric is a folk art tradition, lovingly handmade and handed down for centuries, just like our American quilt.  The brilliant cloth seems to be all the rage these days, covering tables, chairs and even walls in their dazzling, artful design. My favorite piece is the brilliant blue painted chair that Jeffrey Bilhuber upholstered in a gorgeous Dongia Suzani-I'll take four chairs please!

Vintage Suzani quilt adds drama to a neutral sofa from Esquenazi-House Beautiful 

Layers of color and  pattern in a dining room add drama-Elle Decor


Ethnic chic in the bedroom-Domino

Bigger and bolder is better in this massive living room-Cote De Texas

Ready to add some color to your home?

Louis XVI painted chair from Jason Home will brighten any corner

Madeline Weinrib interprets Suzani in a bright pink and black motif.

Coral and cream overlay-Wisteria 

Cloisonne Suzani tea vessel from Madison Avenue Gifts


Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Oh I just adore Suzani lately! So graphic!

Crystal said...

I have loved Suzani and Ikats for years, its great to see how wildly popular they have both become over the past several years. I love Donghia's modern adaptation, the Bilhuber vignette is so rich, love it. Why did we get stuck with quilts...


DEVON said...

I thought you'd love this suzani inspired print!

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