Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Browsing through the New York Times Business section this morning, I was stopped in my tracks by the big news-Barbie and Ken and Betty and Don Draper are all going to be one big happy family.  Just in time for season four, the characters from the award winning show Mad Men will be immortalized by Mattel, which has created Barbie and Ken doll versions of the television characters. Created by Barbie designer Ron Best, the Mad Men collection will feature ad man Don Draper and his wife Betty along with Sterling Cooper partner Roger Sterling and his former mistress Joan Holloway. The Barbie Fashion Model Collector Series, targeted for adults, embodies the Man Men series couture fashions and its iconic 60's aesthetic.

A brilliant marketing idea, perhaps conceptualized after several rounds of martinis in a louche bar in Midtown Manhattan.

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