Monday, March 29, 2010


It always happens. Relaxed and energized after a quick holiday in Palm Beach, my mood was instantly crushed by my less than stellar flight home. From the required security shoe stripping to the crying baby leaning over my diminutive seat, my flight left me wistful for the past, when traveling was kinder, gentler, and definitely more glamorous.  Allison Silver's 20th Centrury Travel: 100 Years of Globe Trotting Ads, is a study of this lost period;  a visual delight of exotic travel destinations and beautifully attired couples. With over 300 pages of exquisite eye candy, the book is a fun romp back to a time of elegant and gracious travel.






Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I'd heard about this, but I hadn't seen it before - thanks for sharing. I have to scan in my parents old travel photos. There is one of my mom and her best friend seated on the plane, a white cloth over their seat trays, a full dinner service, and a bud vase on each tray. (Of course, those were also the days when people could smoke on flights. They say the flights from certain European countries would open to a large puff of cigarette smoke!)

Hampton said...

you will have to post the photo of your parents Stephanie--what fun!

Pemberley said...

Life used to be so much more civilized. I remember watching an episode of I Love Lucy and Ethel had to run home and change her pant because she would NEVER wear blue jeans on the subway. Ha!

ashlina said...

gorgeous. i so adore those vintage photos.

beautiful blog.

red ticking said...

i so understand... we rush, pack, go, relax and then are shuttled thru on board and out the door...(without delays are always good) but thank goodness for the friendly skies... hope you are home and settled... and in your own beddie..xx

Hampton said...

Pemberly- I love the Lucy and Ethel road trips--especially their trip to Italy! It's true, everyone looked so stylish-Traveling, Broadway musicals,even the Opera is casual today! Thanks for reading-

Kathysue said...

Oh I remember wanting to grow up and be a stewardess. Back then it was considered that only the cream of the crop were allowed to get on board, so to speak. Cute uniforms, with great manners and service galore. Oh for those days. We need to become a more Polite society that is for sure. Loved all the vintage images,great post, Kathysue

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Bennett said...

gorgeous. i so adore those vintage photos. beautiful blog. xo ashlina