Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Jacqueline Onassis, a vision in her iconic sunglasses and Gucci handbag, is dressed to perfection in this photo taken in the late 1960's.  The Gucci bag hanging from her shoulder would later become known as the Jackie-O and is still one of the most popular bags in the Gucci line today.  I was given a vintage Jackie-O suede bag from the mid 1970's by my aunt several years ago.  She hadn't used it for years and thought I would enjoy the bag. Yes, I would! It arrived in its original Gucci logo box and sleeper bag, in triple mint condition. I was ecstatic with this lovely gift but also slightly terrified too.  You see, I am very hard on my handbags.  As much as I try to keep them light and organized, my bags always seem to end up with an array of work and kid related items. Juice boxes, hand sanitizer and ball point pens wreck havoc on my pretty bags and I didn't want my new-old Jackie-O to look like an old Bloomie's shopping bag. So I keep my Jackie-O at the top of my closet, resting in its pretty logo box where it waits to come out for the occasional lunch or dinner, always looking fabulous and receiving a flurry of compliments.

I was recently visiting the Chrisitie's website and noticed a new service by the auction house called  Gucci Collector. It's the very first Gucci-certified online destination for authenticating and appraising vintage Gucci products. If you own a vintage Gucci bag (vintage is considered 20 years or more), simply download photos of your bag on the site and within 2-4 weeks, Christie' will send you an appraisal at no charge. Owners will also have the opportunity to sell their items to Gucci, or in a future Christie's auction, if desired. This sounds like such a civilized way to sell your bag, and much safer than rolling the dice on Ebay.

I'm considering sending some photo's of my bag to Gucci Collector.  Don't worry, I have no intention on selling my Jackie-O, but wouldn't it be fun to know what it's worth? Do you own anything you absolutely love that's vintage?


The Zhush said...

That was a great story! How fab is your Aunt? Not to mention Jackie!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

beyond great style!!!

ceo said...

Great story... so stylish...