Monday, August 23, 2010


There are a few summer days that slip by with peaceful idleness and then those that seem to be crammed with events from morning to night: such was the entire last week for me!  I'm not complaining-in fact, I had so much fun that the exhaustion didn't catch up with me until today when I finally had a moment to reflect on the events of the past week.  

I had the good fortune to meet up with Pamela from Red Ticking at my home in the Hamptons for a quick iced tea on her way out to Montauk.  If you haven't visited Pamela's site-you must-it's filled with lovely vintage fabrics, furniture and tabletop finds that are so beautiful. We had so much fun catching up that neither of us noticed that my dog had eaten an entire plate of Tate's oatmeal raisin cookies right under our noses! Thankfully, Dash has an iron stomach and we weren't very hungry.
Then it was off to the city for a day at the NY International Gift fair.  The show was packed with lots to see-I made my way through hundreds of vendor booths- Vintage inspired pieces were everywhere.I especially like the giant embroidered Geography Collection pillows by Catstudio.  Kitschy, cute and clever, these pillows are filled with bright iconic images and names of popular cities, all made in a cool retro design.
Sweet and whimsical designs for children from Sukie are perfect for the modern nursery.  I love the small, colorful ottoman's filled which feature hat wearing chickens and octopus.

 The British are back with these mod ball chairs from Room Service. I love the bright pink and orange Union Jack design but if you have a special design in mind, they will custom the piece for you. My daughter would love this chic piece in her bedroom!

 More tomorrow!


The Tablescaper said...

Hard to pull away from the Hamptons, even if it is for the show.

- The Tablescaper

pretty pink tulips said...

Well....that first pillow just makes this Texas gal smile! And what is it about the Union Jack that is SO fun? I could see that print in both my boys rooms!
xo Elizabeth

Style Attic said...

Since I'm from Texas and my husband is from Georgia, I'm loving your pillow choices! All the color is great. And those balls?! The Keep Calm & Carry On was such a big hit...maybe these now :) Monday Fun!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Cute, cute stuff! I love the GA pillow (of course!).

North of 25A said...

Hi! Nice to "meet" you; so happy to know other LI bloggers. The pillows are wonderful.

Empress of The Eye said...

I would have been wrestling your doggie for those Tate Cookies!!!

red ticking said...

what a fun day... too short... next time... a weekend!
i will never look at tate's the same way again... he he