Friday, February 11, 2011


Buckle up-racing stripes are all the rage.  These bold graphic stripes are appearing on tables, trays and bags bringing a dose of zippy charm to everything it rides across. At the NYIGF, Lamshop showcased a gorgeous lacquered Ming table with a pithy race stripe and monogram.  I can see this preppy table working perfectly in a family room or library. They even have a smart HH racing logo in an Hermes inspired orange perfect for moi.

For the girl who has everything-an Hermes Birkin bag with racing stripes 

Stubbs and Wootten's Shopper Stripe handbag is nautical chic- the perfect spring accessory

Can't forget Iomoi's lucite trays in a variety of bright stripes

So much fun, this Mini Cooper in cherry red with white racing stripes is the perfect Valentine!


jeanette from everton terrace said...

I think I like the mini Cooper best :)
Happy Birthday to your Valentine girl!

Splendid Sass said...

Love these, and the mini Cooper is absolutely adorable.

quintessence said...

Just love stripes - I think the cute little mini Cooper is my favorite as well.

The enchanted home said...

I love racing stripes..have a Gucci bag from many years ago that still looks so chic and now that has racing stripes. Love birkins but not loving that version and looove the cocktail monogrammed table, great den/cozy library piece! The mini cooper is too cute!

Stitchfork said...

Always good to show your stripes!
Have a great weekend!
xo Cathy

Jillian said...

love that patterned tray! you have a lovely blog :) xoxo jcd

ps do stop by sometime::

Splendid Market said...

Isn't amazing, they always look fresh and new - you can't go wrong with stripes. They were nice to design that zippy HH just for you! Love this!

Party Resources said...

I love this look! Happy weekend!

Karena said...

Very Crisp and Chic all!

Art by Karena

Mike said...

I love how the handbag has stripes in it but is mostly red. By being mostly red you get that classy look then you get a small stripe of black and white to give it a nice finish. Love it.