Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Had I know I wouldn't see you again, I probably wouldn't have packed you to the gills with my favorite summer shoes and sweaters.  But when I left you at the JetBlue counter I though you would be there with the rest of the bags at the baggage terminal ready for a little fun in the sun.  But you didn't show up-not on that flight or for the next four days.  And so I began to think about you my new red  T. Anthony bag--and everything you were carrying for my two week vacation.  I usually travel light, packing as much as possible in a small bag that can be carried on the plane but were we traveling for two weeks which required a bigger bag (more shoes!)

I didn't panic-everyone else had their bag and I figured a quick trip to J.Crew would keep me for a day.  Surely they would have the bag tomorrow!  But they didn't--and I started to miss my favorite sandals, perfectly broken in for long walks and damn, that new swimsuit that took endless hours to find.  I was the grumpy girl sharing my teen daughters shoes and hounding the airline with calls about the whereabouts of my lost bag.  By the third day I went on a full buying spree-the airlines had said the chances of finding my bag were slim and I was desperate for clothes. I thought of that Bravo show where they give someone two days to by an entire new wardrobe. There I was, running frantically through stores looking for the perfect white pants and platform espadrilles- it was stressful. Today was day five of my lost bag saga and first thing this morning we got a call from JFK saying that they had located my bag. We are reuniting this afternoon--hope there's room for all my new stuff!


Stitchfork said...

And if no room for the new stuff, you now know the shops well and can quickly find a new suitcase to bring home the new finds. Enjoy the rest of your get-away!
xo Cathy

Splendid Sass said...

Well I am happy they found it. Hey that's one way to get a new wardrobe, Barbara.
Enjoy the rest of your vacation, and send them the bill for the new clothes.

The enchanted home said...
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The enchanted home said...

Yeah! Glad they found it...better late than never, right? I have been there and its not fun and shopping is NOT pleasureable when you should be on vacation, lounging by a pool but instead look like a frantic wolf on the loose in search of a swimsuit that won't show the bulges, a pair of shorts that are flattering and shoes that you can stand in for more than 20 minutes! Oh boy can I ever glad yours had a happy ending!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I'm so glad they found it! enjoy the rest of your trip!

Party Resources said...

My great grandmother had T Anthony Luggage and now the rest of my family has it as well. Such a classic! My bags never made it to Sedona last spring and never ever made it back to me. Ever. No more checked bags for me. So glad this had a happy ending!

red ticking said...

oh goodness... i know how troubling that is... but thank goodness they found it... and now you are more prepared for long afternoons in SH! xoxo

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh my gosh! I would have flipped! This has happened only once to me....and it took me years to trust the baggage handlers again.

I have the black and white T Anthony....and you would think with the red one, it would have stood out against all the rest.

So happy to hear you've been reunited!
xo E