Friday, May 25, 2012


You can't drive by a local Hampton's farm stand these days without seeing an old fashioned sign announcing the first of the summer strawberries. Their season is fleeting, a few weeks at best, so I buy several pints at a time, and they usually don't last the evening. Delicate and super sweet, you don't need to do much to jazz up this delicious fruit. For me, the quintessential summer dessert is a bowl of fresh from the farm strawberries and whipped cream, their flavors so pure, they are simply perfection. I also like to mix it up a bit and put together a summer s'more with layers of strawberries, chocolate and cream sandwiched between graham crackers. They look elegant, taste delicious and couldn't be easier to make.
I also love a good summer cocktail (who doesn't!) and will be mixing up some fresh strawberry mojitos this weekend. Slightly sweet,very delicious, the perfect summer drink. What will you be doing this Memorial Day weekend?

Strawberry Mojitos:
5 fresh strawberries
5 fresh mint leaves 
1 teaspoon of Agave Nectar 
1/2 lime
2 ounces light rum
soda water

In a chilled shaker muddle strawberries, mint and Agave Nectar. Add juice from 1/2 lime and the rum. Pour unstrained, muddled goodness into a chilled glass, add crushed ice to the top and finish off with soda water. Garnish with mint leaves. Delicious!


Splendid Sass said...

We will be cooking on the grill, and these strawberry cocktail will go perfectly with our meal. These really are beautiful.
Happy Memorial Day, Barbara.

The enchanted home said...

Yum! Great ideas here Barbara....hope you have a great weekend!

Karena said...

Oh Barbara so delish Strawberries fresh for the season!

Art by Karena

I Dream Of said...

Delicious! The strawberries aren't quite ripe yet here, but I'll be filing this away for when they do! Enjoy the weekend, Barbara! XO

miss b said...

I can't wait to go strawberry picking and when I do I shall be using some for this delicious mojito - thanks for the recipe.

Ideezine said...

Great item to add to the refreshment table this weekend! Thanks for sharing this yummy one.

Have a great safe Memorial Day Weekend!

The Silver Bunny said...

I don't drink much but these Mojitos could convince me to change my mind !...

michele said...

make mine a double! sounds scrumptious, and i must must must try the berry s'mores. how is it i have lived without them all these years!

love your blog, gorgeous lady.


Emily said...

Those strawberries look fabulous!

Garden, Home and Party said...

We're visiting Austin and babysitting our fun. I'll probably need the strawberry mojoito after 5 days with a sweet, but oh so busy, toddler! Our west coast is lush with strawberry stands right now and you are so right, they are one of nature's perfect foods, nothing needed other than cream and a spoon!

Silvia C said...

Those mojitos look soooo gooooood!
We planted strawberries this year and we picked the first three today. They were so much sweeter than the ones we've been buying at the store. Thanks for the inspiration!

Ann said...

So yum!
Strawberries always look so good in photos. And I love eating them too.

Punctuation Mark said...

I could seriously use one of those monitors... YUM!

Donna Vining said...

Yum! Those strawberries look delicious and so does that mojito recipe!! Have a great weekend!

quintessence said...

What can I say? YUM!!! We are starting off summer with our usual revolving door of kids and friends. Hard to plan a meal when I'm never quite sure who is coming or going!! Hopefully things will settle down in a week or so! Wishing you a wonderful and delicious weekend!!