Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I recently had my bedroom repainted and was faced with a logistic nightmare-trying to rehang a dozen of my favorite prints; classic Intaglio reliefs matted in linen and framed in slim gold frames. What are intaglios? Originally used as seals to identify property in ancient Rome, intaglios were created by carving or engraving an image into precious stone or plaster. My intaglios are plaster and feature beautiful Hellenic figures which look best en masse. I love the juxtaposition these classic images create in a modern room.
Eight of the cameo plaster reliefs frame a white sofa and pair of black lacquer tables on one wall and the remaining four frame my favorite raffia Oly chair. With a little math and a lot of patience (and a large glass of wine) I was able to get them back up on the wall and I think they look spectacular. 

Do you have a piece of art you're mad for?


Splendid Sass said...

Your bedroom is stunning. Such a gorgeous blue, and the intaglios are just beautiful.
Holly at Things hat Inspire carries some gorgeous ones too. I have been thinking about starting a collection.
Happy Wednesday.

carolyn bradford said...

I love Intaglios! I've wanted to have some in my shop for forever…and really, I always knew they would end up going home with me! Can't believe I've never done it! Your bedroom looks incredible! I know what you mean about hanging several prints and making them look good! I usually leave that up to my patient husband! You did a wonderful job with them!

CDS said...

They are so pretty and I love them against the color you opted for. I love a painting that I have of the beach, it's done on a window. It reminds me that regardless of where I live, the beach is always with me. :) xoxo

classic • casual • home said...

Really pretty. I just got an intaglio watch fob--antique in London. Love your color in your bedroom.

Ann said...

I too have intaglios. Mine are framed in the Victorian way with a bunch in each frame but I love the fresh way of framing them you posted! One in each frame just so allows them to breathe and stand out.

Garden, Home and Party said...

Your bedroom turned out so well. It's got a calming feel to it and your intaglios are lovely. I know what a challenge it is to hang multiple like-sized.frames, not easy!
One of my favorite art groupings in our home is in our guest bedroom where I framed 4 sepia sketches I inherited from my paternal grandmother, they are of dogs, each a different breed.

Acquired Objects said...

Your bedroom is gorgeous Barbara and I love your intaglios. I have tapestries that I'm always fussing with in their space as they take a large amount of wall space that old homes simply don't have but I keep trying.


South Shore Decorating Blog said...

They DO look spectacular. The mats and frames are just perfect, and add so much to the look. LOVE it!

Donna Vining said...

I love intaglios! And your bedroom looks beautiful, great job!!

Namasivayamulid said...

They DO look spectacular. The mats and frames are just perfect, and add so much to the look. LOVE it! Stacy