Monday, September 24, 2012


I'm always drawn to dark moody interiors for library's and family rooms. Whether its clubby wood paneling or a lively lacquered wall, dark and luxurious appointments seem just right for these family living spaces. Designer Miles Redd is masterful in his use of color and seems to be particularly drawn to bold blue interiors. I love the adventurous spirit exemplified in the varied hues of dark blue lacquer in his designed hallways, library's and kitchens.  

Do you love blue lacquer but aren't ready to commit it to your walls?  Bungalow 5 has just introduced two gorgeous blue lacquer pieces that are sure to add just the right pop to your favorite rooms this fall.
Versatile and eye-catching, the Pierre tray table will compliment both contemporary and traditional interiors
Classic lines become showy and smart in the Paramount 3-Drawer Side.
Be adventurous with your accessories-the Lapis Temple jar is bold and lively 
Are you in the mood for blue?


Splendid Sass said...

It is no secret that I love the work of Miles Redd, and his use of blue and lacquer is amazing.
Gorgeous images, Barbara.
Happy Monday.

Tibs said...

Absolutely striking!
Never thought but I'm ready for blues!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I've always been a green person but I do plan to use some cobalt blue in my kitchen and I'm very excited to get that project started! Happy Monday Barbara!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I love blue. But I am definitely too chicken to commit to that big lacquered wall. And yet, I find myself drawn to it whenever I see it.

CDS said...

My friend has the most amazing blue kitchen that you would DIE for!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Loving the blue! xo

Garden, Home and Party said...

I do love blue but love the juxtaposition of blue and neutral or white. There is something appealing about the dark lacquered walls and I agree with you, a library or family room feels so much cozier dressed in dark, rich color.

Donna Vining said...

I love using the color blue Barbara! Miles Redd is such a talented designer and I love that he is so bold with his color palate.