Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 The King of optomistic design, Jonathan Adler, has just introducted his first fabric line for Kravet and its a show stopper. The line's bright abstract prints and strong geometric designs are on display at the Kravet NY Showroom in a living space filled with his iconic pottery pieces and fabulous lacquered tables. It's festive, fun and optimistic!
 A pair of over-sized sofas upholstered in rich hued velvets paired with bold patterned cushions brings a casual yet glamorous vision to the room.
The Acid Palm Nectar print is stylish and charming on a classic slipper chair.
Acid Palm Nectar in Peach
A pair of benches in Electrify will energize your room
Electrify Azure
A series of white vases stands out against the playful Distorted Ocean Front fabric.

Hope you all have a great day-I'm on my way to vote!


classic • casual • home said...

Happy and energetic is a perfect way to describe the new line.

michele said...

i love this man's spirit and effervescent personality! he never fails to make me smile.


Anonymous said...

The worst looking things I have ever seen !!!!

The enchanted home said...

Hey Barbara.....how are you? I am finally back and could not be happier, really missed blogging! Thanks for your kind wishes, hope life is getting back to normal for you.

Beautiful line, its a happy and uplifting line which I would have expected! Be well!