Monday, November 19, 2012


The kiddie table-the name evokes images of card tables and folding chairs, a temporary way station for kids before they're old enough to graduate to the "big table". Not anymore. You can create a fun and festive table in no time with traditional decorative elements and fun crafts--a stylish destination that might even evoke a longing glance or two from guests at the "big table."
Start the meal with a Mayflower mocktail, a yummy blend of cranberry and grape juice topped with lemon-lime soda. 
Place a whimsical Pilgram Hat filled with crudite or popcorn at each place setting for muching before the turkey arrives. 
The faux wood placemats are a stylish alternative to a tablecloth and kids can busy themselves coloring it. 
Rustic colored pencils add to the Thanksgiving theme
Add a plate of nutterbutter cupcakes dressed as Tom the turkey for dessert and you have a party! 


Anonymous said...

Dear HH,

Send me back to your "kids Table" It's been a while since I have sat with the cousins and it was never like you illustrated. I'd be glad to be back.

michele said...

as a kid, i was crazy about kiddie cocktails so i love this mayflower one! kids deserve the extra effort!

smiles to you.


I Dream Of said...

I would LOVE to sit at that kids' table. So charming and cute! Happy Thanksgiving week to you! XO

Anonymous said...
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The enchanted home said...

This totally would make me want to sit at the kids table! Sooo cute, and what a fun way to make their table seem like "the place to be". Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

So many great the pilgrim hats with candy.

CDS said...

That is too too cute!! I love it. I can't wait for the girls to be a little older so we can have them do this. xoxo

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

What fun!!! This made me want to invite a bunch of children to my Thanksgiving dinner just so I can try all your great ideas (my "kids" are 23,22 and 19!)

Happy Thanksgiving!!