Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I am beyond thrilled to be working with the venerable fine linen firm E. Braun on a set of custom linens for my Hampton Designer Showhouse bedroom. Founded in Vienna in 1893, the firm is still heavily rooted in elegant, old world styles, but they have become equally versed in beautiful, contemporary designs. The shops Manhattan location on Park Avenue is an elegant oasis of exquisite bed and table linen-the perfect spot to be inspired and creative!
My room inspiration-- Check out the chunky blanket!
Owners Stephanie and Rick Barbatelli spent the morning with me reviewing my Showhouse color palette, room concept and fabric selection and helped to create a truly one of a kind bed linen set for my Showhouse room. 

Our first step was design-we looked at dozens of pillow cases with delicate custom embroidery and finally narrowed it down to just one (this part was nearly impossible!).  I chose classic white linens with a modern embroidery design in green and grey to compliment the room decor. Then we added a delicious chunky crochet blanket for the end of the bed for texture-perfect for cuddling! 
A sneak peak at my linens!
It felt like my birthday yesterday when I picked up the linens. There were armloads of beautiful white boxes bursting with coverlets and custom sheets. 

Choosing linen for your bedroom is a wonderful, very personal experience-a luxury for a lifetime! 


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Oh goodness, these are gorgeous, Barbara! You did a beautiful job.
headed over to their site now.
Happy Tuesday.

therelishedroost said...

Really crisp and fresh bedding, I love that!
xo Karolyn

michele said...

gorgeous fresh linens! what a treat to customize them!


The enchanted home said...

So beautiful...nothing like elegant top quality linens. Best investment if you ask me.

Leslie said...

Wow Barbara! Absolutely stunning! I'll pop over to their site:)

miss b said...

The fine crisp bedding with the stunning embroidery trim looks even
better with the chunky blanket. I'm going to pop over to the site now!

zanetastyle said...

Stunning and fancy(: we spend lots of time in our beds... Fun or sleep! Worth it! Ciao z