Monday, September 16, 2013


It's cloudy and gray today with ominous clouds announcing that rain is on the way, the perfect day to talk about my favorite paint color, gray. I love gray paint--whether it's a soft chalky gray or deep, dark and moody, I always find a room or two that could do with a touch of gray. In my opinion, no one does gray better than Farrow and Ball, the luxury English paint and wallpaper company know for their beautiful, saturated hues and high quality paint. I stopped by the Farrow and Ball Showroom last week to pick up a new color chart and check out their Fall Color Collection which introduced nine new paint hues and included some pretty incredible grays.
My favorite new color is Moles Breath (how can you not love that name!) 
Dark and rich, this color is stunning.  I brought a pot home and am going to paint a set of dining room chairs-finger's crossed, I will let you know how it all turns out.
Wevet, named after the old Dorset term for spider's web, it's a delicate, soft gray.
Dimpse, a cooler, bluer gray is soft and elegant.
Lovely Ammonite was named after the fossils found off the coast of Dorsit.
A warmer gray, Purbeck Stone is a stronger neutral which resembles the stone found in the Isle of Purbeck. 

What's your favorite gray?


I Dream Of said...

It's a gray day here, too, Barbara. But you make it look so much prettier, thank you! XO

therelishedroost said...

Love those tones and you are right Farrow does it best!
Happy Monday, Karolyn

michele said...

i have a balmy sunny day here, Barbara. but not even this light can keep me from lovin the greys. i do love the farrow & ball names, don't you? for a very neutral and pale grey, i love ben moore's shale (it's in my laundry room). it's never dreary in there. my kitchen has a custom grey but close to ben moore's ashley gray.

smiles to you.


The enchanted home said...

I appreciate the color gray but for me a dark gray room would feel too heavy and brooding. The soft milky grays however are fabulous...bring them on! Farrow and Ball's grays are so beautiful. Hope you are well!

designchic said...

I just love a soft gray hue in a room and just painted the master bedroom at the beach in a gray's wonderful! Great images!

Leslie said...

Love their grays Barbara. I have Elephants Breath and Shaded White .. gorgeous colors!

Karena Albert said...

Hi Barbara, All are gorgeous I would love to try Dimpse in a bedroom!

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Taylor Greenwalt said...

Beautiful gray their paint!