Wednesday, February 11, 2015


A heart shaped box of chocolates, always delicious, but where's the surprise? Get hearts racing with one of my Valentine crushes- 

 Bodacious Lips red skimmer slippers from Stubbs and Wootton will set hearts aflutter.

Rouge Louboutin-a stiletto topped bottle of red lacquer to match the bottom of your Louboutins, naturally.

Delicate Peonies by Aerin are sure to make a lasting impression.

Big on bling-Kara Ross + Donald Robertson's edgy leather tote is the ultimate go to accessory.

Just sayin'-love this 14K necklace from Jennifer Meyer.

Add a little bubbly to the bath--Lush's Lonely Heart bath fizz is really the bomb!


therelishedroost said...

Great to see you back and I love your Valentines Day faves!!

designchic said...

Loved seeing you in my inbox! Great Valentine picks, but the Aerin peonies…gorgeous! said...

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