Tuesday, October 6, 2009


New York Coffee Cup, Graham Hill, 2003

My recent visit to MoMA led me, as it always does, to the Museums amazing gift shop, MoMA Store, to do a little shopping. I never leave empty handed because there always seems to be something new and inspiring.  This past visit I found a wealth of gifts (for me or to give) that followed a coffee theme.  An admitted coffee junkie, I love my morning Joe in a tall mug--I have one or two mugs that are my favorites but I am always on the lookout for something new.

My favorite gift for coffeeholic friends is the iconic New York Coffee Cup ($14.00). Living in the city, nearly every corner boasts a Greek coffee shop that gives you your morning coffee in the familiar blue cup with a Greek Key border.  Some friends (I won't say who you are) will only drink their coffee out of these paper cups, and keep a supply of them in their kitchens ready for their morning brew. Treat them to the earthenware version thats dishwasher and microwave safe.

Here are some of the best coffee cups from a rather extensive selection at MoMA.  Drink up!

The Espresso Set,  Felina Sok-Cham, 2008
This bamboo tray with six inset bamboo suacers, six porcelain cups and six stainless spoons that cleverly rest across the cups makes the perfect hostess gift. ($45.00)

I Am Not A Paper Cup,  James Burgess, 2007
Oh so clever, environmentaly friendly and priced right. ($20.00)

Two Carat Cup, Yusuke Fujiname, 2006
Add a little bling to your breakfast. ($15.00)

Java Jacket Mug, Kit Grover, 2009
This ceramic mug offers an eco-friendly alternative to paper. ($16.00)


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