Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Elle Decor, So Chic: Glamorous Lives, Stylish Places

Whenever I travel, I always try to bring home something beautiful to remind me of my trip.  More ofter then not, the keepsake will be an inexpensive small painting, drawing or photograph that I found in a little antique shop or open market.  Over the years my penchant for collecting had left me with an enormous assembly of art.  Many of the pictures lined the walls of my home, but there was a growing group that lay sadly stacked against a bedroom wall. A move to a new apartment was the catalyst for me to my to begin to create a fabulous wall of art from my diverse collection.

After a little research, it became apparent to me that the best way to showcase my vast picture collection was Salon Style (also called Gallery Style), a hanging method that works well with a variety of art mediums and frame sizes.  The name Salon Style came about during the 19th and early 20th centuries when huge exhibitions (Salons) where held to showcase artist's work.  With space at a premium, the artwork was hung from the floor molding up to the ceiling, utilizing every inch of free space. 

 The style is free flowing and organic in nature and works best with a variety of art. A few simple rules need to be followed to ensure a beautiful esthetic:

1. Place the pictures you want to hang on the floor and choose one to be your focal point.  This picture doesn't have to be in the middle of the room, but it will be the point from which the rest of your collection will radiate from.

2. Shift the pictures around until you find an arrangement that pleases you.

3. It's best to hang the largest picture at eye height, which is about 66" from the floor.  Then start hanging the rest of your collection around the "anchor" picture, allowing  2-4" space between each picture frame.

4. Have fun!  The beauty of this picture hanging method is that you can always add to your collection.

 If you want a more unified appearance to your collection, take a design page from Philip Gorrivan's Salon Style dining area. His collection of pencil and charcoal drawings all share similar gold frames with matting in neutral shades of cream and green.

Philip Gorrivan, Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Domino Magazine

Miles Redd,  Elle Decor


Torie Jayne said...

Great post! I love the idea of a collection of pics on one wall! Have a sweet day!

Katy said...

Oh how I aspire to salon style, er, style. Etsy is a great place to get less $$ art pieces for framing...

Vendrickqimz said...

Great post! I love the idea of a collection of pics on one wall! Have a sweet day!