Friday, December 18, 2009


 Photo Courtesy Colin Cowie

Pomanders, beautiful citrus fruits  that have been studded with spicy whole dried cloves, have been used since medievil times and still make beautiful holiday decorations today. Usually made with oranges, a lime pomander feels fresh and pretty and who doesn't like the scent of fresh limes? These beautiful spheres will perfume your room with a natural citrus and spice fragrance that when dried properly, can last up to a year.

This is an easy and elegant holiday decoration that will take minutes to complete. Place ribbon around the lime as if you were wrapping a present and tie to secure with a small bow.  Push cloves into the lime in a row on both sides of the ribbon-it may be easier to poke small holes in the lime flesh with a nail or tooth pick. Place pomanders in a silver or crystal bowl and you have a fabulous centerpiece that will last for ages.

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