Monday, January 4, 2010


I arrived home last night after a warm and restful holiday in Palm Beach to bone chilling cold weather in NYC. The weather is so cold, in fact, that the bronze glow I had worked so hard to achieve has been replaced by ruddy cheeks and chapped lips!

While I yearn for the warm climate, I think it's the opportunity to pick your breakfast, fresh off the tree every morning that I miss most. A short walk in the backyard yielded a citrus cornucopia- there's the beautiful orange tree, bursting with fresh, sweet fruit or perhaps a tangy, pink grapefruit or tart lemon-instant healthy fruit salad! Mornings were spent reading the paper cover to cover (a rare treat!) under the gorgeous loggia while devouring a handful of tiny clementines. It's back to Starbucks in a paper cup this morning, but I will try to continue my healthful breakfast-a quick stop at the corner fruit stand yielded two navel oranges and a pink grapefruit, fresh from sunny Florida.

Italian Cypress, Grapefruit and Orange Trees

Delicious, fresh picked oranges!

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