Monday, January 11, 2010


Walk a New York City block and the history of the city unfolds before you in all its architectural splendor. In my neighborhood, the streets of Manhattan's Upper East Side, you can find a diversity of historical period styles: Beaux Arts, Federal and American Victorian to name a few. Charming four and five story townhouses are nestled among the high-rise apartment buildings-little architectural gems with lots of personality.  My favorite townhouse on the block is a sweet four story grey limestone which has recently undergone a fantastic renovation. The facade has been cleaned, the set of doors painted a brilliant blue and most intriguing, a beautiful limestone quatrefoil window grille has been installed, replacing a street level window. This Moorish-inspired window grille is an esthetically beautiful and practical solution to a big problem in townhouse living-lack of privacy from peering pedestrians. The grille allows beautifully filtered light into the first floor window while maintaining privacy and lends a handsome architectural element to the facade. Great idea!

Window detail

Speaking of quatrefoils...I have a beautiful mirror that I found at a consignment shop in Southampton years ago and love the shape but don't like the leaf design or color.  I would like to repaint  the mirror in a soft grey with a darker grey trim, simple and elegant, but am not sure what type of paint to use. Any suggestions?

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