Monday, May 3, 2010


High up on my guilty pleasure list is an ice cream cone from Snowflake Ice Cream Shoppe.  Snowflake's is an old fashioned mom and pop ice cream store located in Riverhead, a town on the outskirts of the Hamptons.  Established in 1953, Snowflake's green and blue awning and floating ice cream cone sign make the shoppe nearly impossible to miss, and you won't be able to resist a visit to this iconic ice cream shop.

We stopped there yesterday on our way to the beach with my seven year old.
      "Do you want an ice cream?" I asked. 
      "No thank's, I'm not hungry" she answered, her nose buried in a Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book.
      "Are you sure you don't want an ice cream?" I asked again, my voice tinged with a note of desperation. 
      "OK," she answered, picking up on my urgent need for a butter pecan cone.

Their homemade ice cream is simply delicious;  dense and creamy, the purity of the ingredients shine. Sitting on one of the bubble gum pink benches and devouring a cone is pure bliss.

A board lists the flavor of the week which changes with the seasons.  Pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and peppermint for Christmas are my all time favorites.

I like to take home a hand packed quart and serve it for dessert when company comes over.  Everyone seems to love ice cream and it looks especially elegant in a sterling and mahogany ice cream pint bucket from Vivre.

 I'm in love with these ultra modern Big Love ice cream coupes from Alessi.  The stainless steel bowls get icy cold and sit in a bright plastic pod which come in delicious colors-party perfect!


The Shiny Pebble said...

Fluffer Nutter sounds like a flavour not to be missed. Yum!

Town and Country Mom said...

So glad that you could talk your bookworm into stopping for ice cream! Mom-and-Pops are the best for homemade ice cream, and I really like those fun serving dishes.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

yum! there's a reason they're an institution! and how funny that you had to talk a child into it!

Mary Ann said...

it sure is tempting to take a morning trip to our nearest ice cream place. home made ice cream from a mom and pop's place are rare to find these days, and they are usually holding the best recipe of ice is a great indulgence. thanks for including me in your list. have a great day! verbena cottage

The Buzz said...

Peppermint is my favorite as well, topped by a Tate's chocolate chip cookie! Yummy post!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the best ice cream in the area. I couldn't believe how amazing the staff is. They packed ice cream to go....back to New York. HH, they have a website too.

Snow Flake Ice Cream Shoppe

1148 West Main Street
Riverhead, NY 11901-2845
(631) 727-4394

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh my sounds amazing! I may have to make a trip out there this weekend!

I love heading to SCOOPS when I'm out east!

Housewife Bliss said...

oh yummy homemade ice cream. Even better that it came from a mom-and-pop shop. I love peppermint in the winter, my favourite indeed.


So glad you all share my love for ice cream! I did try the fluffer nutter, delicious peanut butter, honestly all the flavors are great. And you are all right, mom and pop shops are the best, they will make a special order of your favorite flavor if you order two quarts-another reason to have a party! xxBarbara

The Zhush said...

DYING over here! Will check this out the next time I head out East!

Kathleen said...

I will look for you there! :)
Too cold this week out here for ice cream..the heat came on!