Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Perfect for summer  entertaining-enamelware plates and accessories from design house MacKenzie-Childs. The gorgeous painted florals recall a lush English Garden in the peak of summer.  I'm smitten with the deep blue floral, gorgeous plates for a summer dinner in the garden!

So English! Beautiful storage canisters.
The Garden line comes in white, black, green and blue.

Prettiest colander ever!
Wicker tray with enamel center is perfect for summer drinks.
Cookie jar waiting for some homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Elegant cake plate and carrier ready for a summer picnic.


The Buzz said...

What a fresh and difference approach for MacKenzie-Childs... I would definitely put that colander full of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter!

Jeannine 520 said...

That cake carrier is too cute, I've gotta get one! Could there be a better way to bring brownies to a picnic??

Melissa Rakowski said...

I love McKenzie Childs. I used to have six of their trout chair that my kids kept rocking in and tipping over. The trout no longer have mouths or fins. I retired them!! What was I thinking letting 4 yr old sit in $1000 chairs for breakfast everyday. They are not kid proof!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

These are so pretty! Love these!

Kerry said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. Wonder if they stock in Australia!!

red ticking said...

so fun... i have not seen anything from them in ages... used to love going to the store on madison.
thank you for your sweet comment... its been a very tough couple of days... my heart breaks for the family.. hope you are well.. xx

viagra online said...

Awesome items, love the cookie jar a lot, it reminded me of my grandmother who passed away last year, she used to had cookie jars like this one.