Thursday, May 12, 2011


I'm always curious to hear about the latest Interior Design trends: a return to Baroque, taxidermy in the home; some sound fascinating, others I can't imagine.  Truthfully, I tend to resist trends, knowing that by the time I got around to purchasing just the right cerused oak bureau, knotty oak will be all the rage.  So it was with a keen interest that I attended the Wall Street Journal Magazine Panel Discussion at the D & D Building yesterday on "Whats Next In Decorating?"  The distinguished panel included two of my favorite tastemakers, David Netto and Miles Redd along with Sarah Ruffin Costello and Deborah Needleman of the WSJ Magazine. The panel discussion was lively and touched upon trends, design inspiration and answers to the all important question, "What's Next?"

David Netto's Neutra Home

A Miles Redd Interior

What inspires them right now?
Miles Redd, a true master of color, not surprisingly loves the pairing of daring colors like daffodil yellow and hot pink in a room.  Redd mentioned the late Henri Samuel's Paris apartment with its restrained French elegance as one of his inspirations.  Also, the panel agreed that "design statements"  like a glossy black wall with crisp white trim or a larger than life statue expresses character and personality in a room. Netto referred to the iconic Dorothy Draper and her fearless use of scale and color to produce innovative rooms that are still relevant today. All agreed, a few good things will carry a room and restraint, rather than excess, should be the rule. 

 Henri Samuels Paris Apartment
Dorothy Draper's Iconic Style

Where are we going? 
An appreciation for the handmade: rugs, textiles and furniture will show individual style and admiration for craftsmanship.  Love it or leave it, beige will be replaced with exuberance and color and we will see a departure from the hard lines and stark interiors of the 70's. Look to the 80's for inspiration.  Netto described this design trend as "Messy Modernism", an edited and crisp revision of the 80's interiors of Mario Buatta and Mark Hampton. Think casual chintz in a modern more simplified manner. "Rustic Luxe", the beachy chic of the Grey Gardens variety will also be a popular trend.  

Mario Buatta Interior
 Mark Hampton Interiors

Grey Gardens

I'm a product of the 80"s. My first apartment had girly floral chintz drapes that I absolutely adored and although I can't see myself replicating that look, I believe an edited and streamlined 80's design is something very relatable. I'm excited for what's next-how about you?


Hamptontoes said...

Wish that I could have attened this event. Doesn't the D & D have some wonderful events? Trends aren't on my radar screen, as I don't follow them yet I'm aware of them! Will you be at blogfest?

Style Attic said...

It's a little scary to revisit some 80's stuff. Then again, the music alone could be inspiring and some seriously synthesized melodic rooms could emerge and we will all want to follow! :) XO, Kelly

red ticking said...

i am soooo not into trends... i just do what i do...
speaking of which...what are you doing??? we need to catch up! xoxo

Linda in AZ * said...

* I got a chuckle out of someone's blog recently (it MAY have been Joni @ Cote de Texas, but I'm not positive!)...

ANYWAY, whomever it was, she was talking about trends & if you love to follow them (or just "can't help yourself"), suggested the "better" way of doing it, by just adding those "CURRENT TRENDS/ACCENTS" of the moment (pillows, etc) that are on the low end monetarily... THEN she said, something like:


So, I got a good chuckle out of some pretty sage advice! (AND, I sent a copy of that info to my nieces, who are ALSO "into decorating/design", just to make sure they know that!)...

Always enjoying your blog, so thank you!

Linda in AZ *

pretty pink tulips said...

I love hearing what David and Miles are forecasting. I agree that restraint with a few key elements makes the room.

How exciting to have listened to them in person!
xo Elizabeth