Friday, December 9, 2011


Mary Mc Donald

Welcome to Home for the Holidays! I'm delighted that Tina from The Enchanted Home has joined our party for Tree Trimming and Holiday Cheer. Tina's chic blog chronicles her journey to design, build and decorate her stunning new home. I was hooked after my first visit to her blog and I'm certain you will be too. Let's see what fantastic inspiration Tina's brought to our Tree Trimming party!

Good morning!! Thank you to lovely Barbara for having me here, and for finally giving me the chance to attend a holiday party in my pjs!! I have always said who needs the fancy shoes, that have me wanting to amputate my feet by 9pm, sequined tops, velvet pants and party frocks.....bring on the pjs, love this idea! I was so honored that she included me to participate in this wonderful holiday party! (all kidding aside I have to confess I do enjoy dressing up for a holiday party but this is a lot of fun too)!

 As much as the pressure of Christmas makes me shake in my boots I must admit the magic and beautiful spirit of this holiday always makes me feel alive and warm. When I hear those first Christmas songs being belted out on the radio, and the crisp air ushers in.... I know it cannot be far. I very much enjoy preparing my home for the holidays and try to start soon after Thanksgiving. I tend to stay with a consistent color scheme because lets face it ornaments and decorations have gotten incredibly expensive and to switch things up year to year would be a costly endeavor. But there are easy and cost effective ways to "switch it up" year to year without having to revamp your entire color scheme!

The way that I think you can change things up is with changing the colors of the fresh flowers you bring in, one year I will do all red, one year all white (my personal favorite) one year I won't do flowers at all but instead only evergreen and pine cones. I also started collecting nutcrackers a few years ago,  and these make beautiful decorative objects placed anywhere from a mantle, to a side chest, console, a grouping on a cocktail table..they even look great on a kitchen island. I have picked them up everywhere from my local CVS and Costco's to Horchow and dept. stores. For the actual tree....I always top my tree with bows after all the ornaments have been hung, I have two sets of bows which I had made at my local florist. One is a gold and the other is a red, green and gold plaid. Switching out the bows has a big impact on the tree and its overall feeling. There are no rules for holiday decorating, just go with what you love and your home will reflect that. So below are some of the holiday inspirations that I love.......happy tree trimming!

Nothing speaks to the warmth and magic of the holidays like an over sized Christmas wreath placed on your front door.....its the first thing to welcome your guests in. Pinterest
Or having a pair of nutcrackers  stand guard at the front door! RH
Fill your front door urns or planters with a big spray of evergreens...always beautiful! 
You cannot underestimate the power of beautiful white twinkling lights....a must have on any Christmas tree! TH
A beautiful table laden with holiday foods, decorated with the Christmas spirit in mind always sets the tone for a beautiful and elegant holiday season.
Can't forget a tree skirt....might as well make it a pretty one! HGTV
A great big spray of evergreens and berries on a side chest is a decadent and beautiful Holiday statement ala Christopher Hyland!
This is actually my old dining room (oh how I miss that room) something as simple as draping a big  spray of evergreen and a great big bow in the middle  made it appear very festive, eventually I replaced my dogs with more festive nutcrackers!
To me, an abundance of greenery and pinecones with berries is the perfect touch for above a mantle and something everyone can do....Decorpad
When it comes to ornaments, I like to choose a few special ones every year to add to my collection that have meaning, either something that symbolizes something my sons or husbands love and I always add a few cherub ornaments every year to my growing cherub collection, Martha Stewart
Never met a pinecone I didn't want to decorate with! Love them all over the place, from pinecone topiaries to placing a great big bowl of scented pinecones near a front entry hall.
Whats better than one tree? Two beautiful trees flanking an elegant wreath! Pinterest
A tree decorated in gold is always so regal.....TH
Paperwhites add such beauty and such a fragrant smell to a dining table Pinterest
Love this idea, and so easy to do. You could set a dining table with one on each place setting or give this as a small holiday parting gift to your guests! Pinterest
I love the idea of having large topiaries with pointsettas on other seasonal flowers flanking a staircase, this was my old foyer.....brings back many happy memories! As you can see I loved decorating for the holidays....and LOVE a garland going down the stairs.
Any seasonal holiday flower in small clusters is a beautiful way to dress up a side chest, console, dining table or even add a small vase to a powder room for your guests
Natural greens are such a wonderful way to bring a little bit of the outdoors in....TH
How about hanging a wreath draped with ribbon above an interior doorway? Yes!
Christopher Hyland
Nutcrackers flanking a fireplace is always such a beautiful way to dress it up 
Paperwhites are amongst one of my most favorite holiday flowers, with their beautiful crisp white color and fragrant smell, I like putting them in  beautiful urns or containers and filling the bottom with small glistening ornaments as shown. Pinterest
The lushness of a very full garland can make any room feel grand and elegant, I say go for the fullest garland and wreath you can find, in this case bigger is better!
Love seeing potted seasonal flowers next to the soft glow of candles in votive holders on a mantle top
A tall slender tree can be made to feel fuller with many ornaments and topped with gold bows
Burning beautifully scented candles is a must do.....Pinterest
How about the idea of adding greeenry and berries to a chandelier? Love it! Christopher Hyland
Love the idea of filling an old oversized urn with beautifully wrapped gifts, just like little jewels!
And if you really want to get ambitious, hire yourself a "sleigh driver" and head into the woods to find your very own tree......happy decorating! (I have always dreamed of doing this but it would have to look just like the picture above)!
Here are six things I always do for holiday decorating/tree trimming-
1. Buy plenty of fresh garland, not only for the stairs but it looks beautiful draped over a dining room sideboard, a foyer console or any mantle (I get it very reasonably at a place like Costco's) even a small section around the mirror in a powder room is a lovely touch.
2. I buy big bags of pinecones, you can never have too many, they are so easy to use, tied in with wire thine to the garland, big bowls of them (especially the scented ones) around the house, and in a bathroom they make the holidays felt throughout the entire home!
3.I always have some fresh holiday flowers, whether I buy the bulbs in the fall (normally I am not that organized)  and let them blossom on their own or buy blooms at a local florist, nothing graces a holiday home like a beautiful amaryllis, paperwhite or pointsetta
4. Consider having beautiful bows made by your florist, choose the ribbon on your own (you can get big spools for 50% at Michaels) and most florists will only charge a  nominal fee to make them. Bows are great for the tree, wreaths, and the garland that you place throughout the home
5. I always have a holiday scented candle burning in the foyer and kitchen, and when we have guests, I always make sure to have one in the living, dining room and powder room too. Candles make one feel welcome and cozy. And let's not even forget the wonderful scent that permeates throughout the house!
6. Holiday music.....pick a favorite artist and crank up that Christmas music, nothing will get you in the mood like festive Christmas music! My dancing and singing has permanently traumatized my boys, but that doesn't stop me from allowing Holiday music to get me in the mood!
This was great fun, and now I am feeling ready at last to tackle Christmas 2011....bring it on!!! Hope you got some ideas too!
Barbara, many thanks for having me here.....and happy holiday decorating!
With all best wishes for a joyous holiday season and the best in 2012!
Thank you Tina for such a creative and inspiring post-I know what I'll be doing this weekend! Next stop, Monday in Seville, Spain for our festive first course with Decadence for Divas!


Party Resources said...

I love Tina and all of her great ideas for decking the halls! xx

Lisa said...

I knew I could count on Tina to deliver a fantastic post on holiday tree trimming. We officially do our decorating every year on Dec.10th so I got some great ideas. Love her ideas about the abundant use of garland and pinecones and will be shopping for both today, so thank you Tina and how nice to discover your wonderful blog, Hampton Hostess!

Beautifully Seaside // Formerly Chic Coastal Living said...

Love all of this!! Tina always does a wonderful job giving us inspiration!

Acquired Objects said...

So much inspiration and such beautiful images and all in your pj's!

Happy Friday!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

So much beautiful holiday inspiration! I enjoyed all of it but I cannot get over that peacock tree topper in the first image. It's amazing.

Unknown said...

So many great ideas and such lovely festive inspiration! Love the pj part too (and still in mine for another 5 minutes....!):)

Ann said...

So lovely, nothing like seeing everyone get into the spirit to spread some good cheer!

Annie H. said...

Awesome post. What an plethora of ideas. I have to come back to this. We are hosting a big Christmas party on New Years Eve family only but we are nearly 60 people and I need all the help I can get. Love the idea of keeping all the flowers the same color and agree about the soft lighting of candles. Great ideas Tina.

Amy Chalmers said...

Tons of solid decorating advice here! I love the many ideas to add a festive note. Simple bowls of pine cones will be added to my list!! Thanks Tina and Barbara for hosting the party.

Annie H. said...

P.S. Am your new follower, I love your style and blog.

The enchanted home said...

Good morning Barbara! Now this is my kind of party.....I am VERY comfy, VERY relaxed and having a grand ol time:) This was a great idea and I am so happy to be a pat of it, so thank you for including me and thank you for your kind intro. I probably sound really relaxed and under control in this post but truth is I had a **** load to do, and have a crazy day/weekend ahead of me, so I wanted to pop in now before things really crank up and say hi and thank you and happy decorating to you and everyone else who stops in to "the party"!!!!

Splendid Sass said...

Tina- As always, you provide us with ask much beauty in your posts! So many gorgeous ideas here.
Have a great Friday.

designchic said...

What beautiful trees...nothing quite like Mary McDonald's stunning decor, an what stunning mantels. Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration, Tina ~

The French Hutch said...

I love Tina, she always shares fabulous ideas and her blog is such inspiration. Love the ideas for Christmas decorating here. Great party idea too!

The French Hutch

Jalon @ All in the Detail said...

Breathtaking... I am so addicted to Christmas Decorations - why are they only in our homes for 4+ weeks?
As always, The Enchanted Home has given us the most beautiful site of lovely photos!
Thank you and Happy Friday all!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

So many wonderful ideas. I just started decorating my house. You gave me some great ideas...

Kathysue said...

Love Tina and her blog.She has given perfect Christmas decorating advice here!! She is elegant, down to earth and a very generous soul. Tina is a favorite of mine!! Merry Christmas to YOU and Tina,

Unknown said...

Barbara and Tina,

What a great holiday treat. Tina is an absolute sensation and I love her to bits. Tina, great recipe for holiday trees and home decor of course! We can all use a full array of ideas and tips that others come to so naturally and perfected over years. Thank you for sharing your sources as well.

Creatives are always up for the challenges of the seasons because they gleam something new from it too.

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

HH and Tina,

All I can say is WOW!!!!!! This is the best party of the season. Great friends, fabulous ideas, it's perfect.

THANK YOU for including me.

Karena said...

Tina what amazing images and ideas for decor!! There are so many I love, and even the holiday mat at the front door stood out to me!

Barbara thank you for featuring Tina!

Still many surprises coming up in our amazing 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!! The French Basketeer has a very special offering right now and there are more gifts open to enter!


Art by Karena

Unknown said...

Fantastic ideas and encouragement from Tina on how to make the most of the holidays!!!

xo Elizabeth

lisaroy said...

So many gorgeous ideas! And I agree, Tina's home is what dreams are made of :)

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Great ideas! Now I want to re do some of my decorations!

'LUSH' said...

Wonderful decorating tips! Just what I'd expect from you Tina........beautiful, full, and meaningful!

Marianne said...

You can always count on Tina for fabulous decor. This does not disappoint! Stunning. Just stunning!

Renée Finberg said...

whew hoo!!!
great efforts were applied to each space.
and each i prettier than the next!!

merry merry

Barbara@HausDesign said...

Barbara - I love this idea for a series - how true that we all get to attend in our PJs and from all over the world - very fun. :) Tina - you did such a beautiful job. I loved your tips at the end especially!

Unknown said...

Tina always puts the best posts together- loved all of this inspiration- the 3rd photo with the black door and greenery was my favourite- so classically chic!

Stacy CUrran said...

Tina is the best guest poster! Loved this one!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Tina has great tips! How cute are the candles in the terra cotta pots in a wine bottle carrier?

Unknown said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog Ideezine and becoming a follower. I am now following you both on your blog and twitter. Have a great weekend!


La Petite Gallery said...

well I am really inspired, everything is so lovely. Last Christmas I was in the Hamptons
and went to a wedding, it was gorgeous. I know how beautifully they decorate.
Terrific tips.

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Wow! what gorgeous ideas. Tina, can you come over and decorate my place? ;-)

MELISSA said...

Tina what a wonderful post covering everything you could need to know about holiday decorating all in one post. I love your "6 six things" and got some great ideas, about putting garland on side tables/chests, I am going to buy some big bag of pinecones and put them in different containers around the house and get some bows made. Look at just helped me figure out my Christmas decorating dilemmas! Merry Christmas.


Tina has such traditional and classic. I love all of her suggestions.

Gwen Driscoll said...

Great post. I can't wait to visit Tina's blog. Hope you are well.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

This was a fabulous post by a fabulous blogger...I don't know how Tina does it all, but we're all so gla that she does. Great series. Mona

Acanthus and Acorn said...

This is a treat!

I enjoyed all your images so much, from one pinecone addict to another!!!

Colonial House of Flowers said...

Love the paperwhites!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The candy cane candle...I was wondering if they are hot glued onto the candle before the ribbon goes on.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I love the candles in the little flower pots! I would love to do something like that for our advent this year! What beautiful ideas and great inspiration for christmas this year! My christmas to do list just got longer!

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