Thursday, March 15, 2012


 I'm delighted to welcome Mary Ann from classic • casual • home  to Closet Confidential today. Mary Ann brings a fresh, lighthearted flair to her blog and her pages are filled with a warm and refined design aesthetic- its always such an inspiring read. Mary Ann is a talented interior designer and I'm always impressed with her ability to blend classic, comfortable surroundings with a touch of French panache. I'm most appreciative that Mary Ann featured her walk in closet today which recently received a complete makeover with gorgeous results.  Just wait until you see her great organizational tips-pure genius!

Here's Mary Ann!

Scary....letting someone peek inside your closet (which I did not long ago on HERE), 
but then TALK about it (AND not let the 
glamorous Hampton's Hostess down).  
Fun, in a pressurized sort of way, right?  

Here's my "closet confidential" in Newport Beach, Ca.  Don't judge. 
I could use a stylist...but our closet works for us.
What are the 5 essential clothing items in your closet?
  1. flowy silk blouse
  2. dark tapered jeans
  3. fitted jacket
  4. ballet flats (might be a California casual thing)
  5. dark brown riding boots 
The one thing in my closet that I should get rid of but just can part with:

A black watch plaid skirt from Scotland that my parents gave to me in college.  
That baby is NEVER going to fit again.
Describe your perfect outfit:
Winter: Tucker blouse, jeans tucked in riding boots,  cardigan, ostrich handbag,

Summer:  White dress and tan wedges, Chanel sunglasses

There’s always room in my closet for more shoes, especially colorful flats for Spring.

My dream closet would include lots of natural light, a dressing table, mirrors,
an upholstered bench and a chandelier...

For sentimental reasons, I've kept and still wear these classic shoes that my daughter 

bought for me while she was interning for Roger Vivier/Hogan.
 These were the shoes worn by Catherine Deneuve in the movie "Belle du Jour."
I never have enough
work out socks...really, who is stealing them?
My latest addition to my closet is

Lucy workout holiday motivation
(good fit for those of us with larger derrieres)

The last thing I got rid of was underwear...too much info?  I bought all new and matching... 

a GREAT feeling to open the drawers now.
Extra shelves or extra hangers? Hangers
You would be surprised I don’t have any nude colored pumps.  I saw on "What Not to Wear" that everyone's legs look better in them (ladies, anyway) and they go with any outfit.
I have an extensive collection of colorful sweaters mostly from J. Crew.

Your organizational motto is hang it up, plug in your phone and put your wallet and sunglasses in the linen basket on the right.

What do you like about your closet?  The laundry chute drops directly into our laundry room.
It used to be a dumb waiter, but this made more sense to me.  It's also a bench when the top is down.
What would you change?  wish we had higher ceilings and better hangers.
Best closet tip for organization... cap and flip flop baskets.

Right now your closet is in a state of... tranquility. (I could take a nap on that wool area rug).

Whew.  That wasn't so hard, after all.  Thank you, Barbara!


The Peak of Tres Chic said...

What a fun post idea! I love peeking in to other's closets. Her closet is fantastic and so organized!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

So fun to be visiting one of my favorite, stylish hostesses. I just woke up on the west coast and am getting my coffee! Thanks so much, Barbara, Have a beautiful day!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Fun post! I wish my closet was beautiful like these. I would be embarrassed for anyone to take a look at mine. Maryann, I need someone like you to help organize my closet.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Thanks for sharing Barbara and Mary Anne! Mary Ann is one of my favorite blogger! So talented.
Happy Thursday!

The enchanted home said...

Love this....your closet is fabulous Mary Ann are you kidding me with your don't judge and needing a stylist! Your closet looks picture perfect, love the baskets for organizing too....I am getting so many great ideas especially organizational ones from this series. Thanks to you both!

French said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
French said...

Love your closet and your sense of organization, Mary Ann; You Are Organized!!

Jalon Burton said...

Love you both! Thanks for sharing Barbara and Mary Anne! I, so, enjoyed this post... Happy St. Patrick's Day - Jalon

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I agree! There's nothing better than opening your drawer to find plenty of matching bras and panties :)

Acquired Objects said...

Your closet is better then mine. Mine is big but no light whatsoever and it has a sloped ceiling...hate it. So I'm totally jealous over your closet and love the basket idea for all the husbands ball caps. I love this series Barbara!


Test said...

i want a laundry chute like hers... that is the best invention i've seen ever!!!!


Gorgeous closet! Mary Anne is so stylish but classic.....right up my alley! Note to self.....might want to clean out my closet this weekend :)

Unknown said...

where did you or your friend find the white dresser with several drawers in it?

Unknown said...

where did you find the white dresser with several drawers in it?

Leslie said...

What a great closet! So well organized complete with a laundry shoot. I like the idea of small baskets for storage! Fun series :)

Unknown said...

What girl wouldn't give for the first photo of the closet on the post?! But her closet is very organized!!

Thanks for the fun post!!

Karen said...

This was fun since I follow Mary Ann and she lives in the same general vicinity as me. It was great to see what the talented Mary Ann considers important where her closet is concerned. Thanks.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Mary Ann is a class act! Trust me, I haven't seen her derrière, in person, but as much as she works out, and from pictures I've seen, it isn't generous!

I need a closet intervention. Time to weed and purge!

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