Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I must admit, I've been anticipating Tina's Closet Confidential post for quite some time.  Having watched her beautiful home come to life on her blog, The Enchanted Home, I knew that her closet would be stylish, classic and beyond gorgeous, and of course, I wasn't disappointed. To call Tina's closet simply a "closet" is a bit of a misnomer. Spacious and well appointed, the room features beautiful hardware, elegant custom woodwork and a glamorous crystal chandelier. It's some closet!  I'm hoping for an invite when her marble countertops come in and she puts the finishing touches on the room. I'll bring the celebratory champagne- we can lounge around and I can check out her enviable handbag collection!  Let's see whats behind Tina's closet doors today-

Hi there and thank you Barbara for having me here! I love this series, what a fabulous idea. I mean seriously tell me what lady doesn't want to take a peek into someones else's closet or at least pick up an organizational tidbit or two? I know I do and goodness knows, I need all the help I can get:)

I am excited to have finally gotten my dream closet but it's still very much in the works as we just moved over a month ago, so I have included a few in progress pictures from my own closet (not too close up) and some pictures from others that I found inspirational. Still organizing and finding a place for things/tweaking areas of my closet, and don't yet have the counter top for my island, so please use your imagination! Thanks for having me and now let's talk closets shall we......

What are the 5 essential clothing items in your closet? 

  • Tons of black pants, 
  • my collection of cashmere sweaters, 
  • oodles of cardigans, 
  • lots of scarves and wraps 
  • and of course MANY handbags!

The one thing in my closet that I should get rid of but just can part with- my size 4 dresses and many things marked "s" and "xs". Somehow keeping them however makes me know that at one point in my life I was part of their universe:)

Describe your perfect outfit- for winter/fall, a pair of pants that makes me look thin, a comfy cashmere sweater, a great wrap/scarf, great looking riding boots and of course a really amazing handbag!  For summer, a pair of white pants, a fun top, a cardigan to keep handy, fun sandals or one of my many Jack Rogers and a great tote in white.
Winter, this is chic, sophisticated but casual and comfortable

Summer. OK confession, I don't wear fedoras BUT I do think they are cute, and this makes this outfit feel cool, this would amp up my hip factor big time (but I am also imagining the icy stares it would draw from my boys)......

There’s always room in my closet for- one more handbag:)

My dream closet would include- a few jewelry drawers (on my list of to do's),wallpaper on the back walls of my closet, an enormous section for shoes, and a pretty feminine ottoman (which I hope to get)

Adore the idea of wallpapering the inside walls of a closet
Really want a tufted velvet luxurious!

I’ve kept_______________hoping (it would fit, it would come back in style, sentimental) A pleated Escada skirt (safe to say it is not coming back but it was my first expensive clothing purchase almost 24 years ago when I was a buyer and has some sentimental value, heck at this point its practically vintage:)

I never have enough- handbags, shoes or cozy pj's.

As close as I can let you in....still lots to get organized in there! A testament to my love for bags though:)

Designer closet envy would be-
Having my shoes this organized would be amazing!

Being able to colorcode my many!

Neat or messy? Neat

My latest addition to my closet is- my new velvet hangers and a beautiful cashmere shawl!

Visualize the countertops being white marble...I know I know the cork just doesn't cut it!

I do love my full length mirror, a must have and plenty of sunlight gives a reality check!

I am not getting too close to the inside of the closet as you can tell because I am still organizing, will save that for next time!
I know I know there are two missing lampshades these were temporaries, just wanted to see what the chandy looked like with shades the new ones are due in any day now! Use your imagination:)

The last thing I got rid of was- What felt like truckloads  of clothes from when I was a tiny size. Felt good to give it away though.

Extra shelves or extra hangers? Extra shelves, can never have enough!

You would be surprised I have/don’t have as many- skirts, I really don't wear them very often.

I have an extensive collection of- by now you have probably guessed it.....handbags!
More hiding up there.....

Your organizational motto is just keep piling it in, as long as the doors close:) Just kidding.....leave my closet in a state of how I want to see it when I come back to it. Kind of like leaving a house with unmade beds (ugh) I cannot stand the idea of coming home to a house with beds not made or dishes in the sink. I like therefore walking into a neat and orderly closet!

What do you like about your closet? Since its new and we are in the honeymoon stage...everything.

What would you change? Not a whole heck of a lot, well maybe would have incorporated more room for shoes. Still in the organizing mode and tweaking certain things, may be taking away a few hanging spots and adding more shoe shelves.

Best closet tip for organization- buys dividers for all drawers, hooks for handbags, and pretty velvet hangers (use same color and type for everything) They make everything look better!

Right now your closet is in a state of - still getting organized and finding the right place for everything!

Thanks so much Barbara, this was a lot of fun and made me realize just how much I have left to work on but I am feeling more motivated than ever to get my closet done! Wishing you and all of your readers a wonderful day!



jeanette from everton terrace said...

I'm drooling all over my keyboard. I mean serious closet lust.
Love this series :)

Annie said...

If that isnt' a dream closet I don't know what is! If she wasn't so sweet, funny and down to earth it would be easy to hate her:-) but instead I am happy for her.
That handbag collection makes me sweat, I love my Chanel. And just bought some velvet hangers too and love them, agree everything looks better when all the hangers match!
Nice to be introduced to Barbaras beautiful blog as well.

The French Hutch said...

Closets have come a long way since I built my home. If I had a closet like these I would entertain there! If I ever build again this is on the top of must haves. Thanks Tina for a look at your closet. Fun post

The French hutch

Acquired Objects said...

I have serious closet envy here and I agree with you on the cashmere sweaters, I can't get enough cashmere! I live in them! Your closet is wonderful and the velvet hangers...what luxury! Thank you Barbara for getting Tina to show us her closet.

Enjoy your day!

christy said...

If I had a closet that looked like that I swear I don't think I would ever leave. We have a love of handbags in common though your collection wins over mine! I love the glass doors because you can see what you have but it keeps everything neat and orderly and they are so elegant.
Love all the tips, I just ordered a few drawer dividers from Amazon. Thank you- this was a fantastic post!

Anonymous said...

Now THATS what I call a closet. Seriously amazing. When and if we build (consdering it) thats the most important room for me, my future closet! I love the glass doors.
Tina- you were so funny with your fedora comment, I can see my own kids looking at me like I have lost my mind if I wore one or anything "cool". Love the humor, keep it up.
Thanks for allowing us "in your closet'. It is beautiful.

designchic said...

Tina, your closet is my heaven. I wouldn't trade your island for any tufted ottoman, and I am dying to see the marble. It will be the perfect touch!! Such a visual treat...

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Wow that is my dream closet too, filled with those rainbow stacked cashmere sweaters--

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

I LOOOVEEE Tina's closet and have had so much fun watching her dream closet come to fruition. I love the glass doors because I love to see what I have, otherwise I forget and wear the same thing everyday. Great post!

Leslie said...

Beautiful closet - love all that storage. Great interview with Tina!

I Dream Of said...

Now that's a closet! So fun to get a peak inside Tina's dreamy dressing room! Love her tip of making up your closet like you would your bed in the AM. Something I should try to make a habit! A fun little treat of an interview, Barbara. Thanks!

The Preppy Princess said...

There is nothing like seeing someone's fab closet to get a girl thinking, and now I am deeply pondering mine! The way you describe being in the "honeymoon" phase was perfect, I hadn't thought about it from that perspective before!

Sending you a smile,

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Lovely! I'd love to "shop" your handbags! Quite a collection! It all makes me a tiny bit more motivated to spend more time purging in my closet. Got to make way for new things! Very fun post!

Splendid Market said...

What a fantastic voyeurism outing! Though there are many things to envy about this fabulous closet, I think what I am most lustful for are windows! I wish I could have fresh air and natural sunlight in my closet. I love reading all of these organizing tips and seeing the images.
As a birthday gift to myself, I've hired a closet organizer. We had our first session yesterday, and I am convinced it is the best gifts ever!
Thank you for sharing Tina and Barbara!

Kathysue said...

Oh to have a closet like Tina's and her handbag collection, Oh my!! Wonderful, fun interview,

Chris said...

Hi Tina! I, too, kept some of my favorite "thin" clothes and guess what, after a few years, I am back in them! Yay!!! Yet, I am sad to see all the money I spent on my l a r g e r clothes wasted...I am working my closet and slowly paring it down. Your closet is beyond dreamy and so encouraging!!!
Fun post here and I love Hampton Hostess!!
xoxo, Chris

The enchanted home said...

Hi there....been a crazy day and finally sitting down for a much needed coffee/computer break! Thank you Barbara for first coming up with such a great concept, I love the idea of closet confidential and look forward to each installment. This was a lot of fun and it was totally my pleasure to visit you and be your guest. Thanks for having me, wishing you a wonderful nice the sun finally came out! And thanks to all the readers and guests for swinging by and reading the post. Well done:)

travelkate said...

Wow what a gorgeous closet, I loved seeing it come to life! I can't help staring at all of that Chanel!

Unknown said...

Serious closet envy over here!! :) And, I had to smile at the bags we had in common.

Honestly, I just love Tina's closet and will refer back to it often when we finally get to our Phase 2 Renovation.

Such a great post!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Agnes said...

I am as in love with her closet as I am with her taste in handbags~ Had to laugh at her comment over her kids reaction if she wore a fedora, my kids would do the same thing. Any time I try to risk it and do something "edgy" they roll their eyes and make me feel like a novice. Great post, lots of good advice and agree velvet hangers are the best!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Barbara, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me reveal my humble closet before Tina's magnificent one...her huge mirror and lovely! I have got to get some velvet hangers...saw them at TJ Maxx!

mwaxter said...

I could relate to so much here, a huge inventory of black pants, clothes that are way too small that I refuse to part with, a love for handbags that is out of control and a love for all things cashmere. We could share a closet! Love this closet, it is so beautiful, the island alone is worth its weight in gold and all those gorgeous glass doors. A chandelier is always a beautiful touch. Love it all- thank you a peek inside one incredible closet!

Renae Moore said...

Definitely a fab cloest! I don't have near enough to fill it up, hehe. I am a one handbag at a time girl...I find one I like and use it until it wears out. Not a fan of changing bags to match an outfit...I know, I know, 'what kind of girl Am I?"


Test said...

i really love this series and cannot be more thankful to you for having let me do this... keep up the good work!

ANNIE P. said...

Thats what my dream closet looks like, I love closets with glass doors, keeps it all neat and orderly. Love the island and that hardware is so pretty! Laughed at the summer wardrobe/fedora comment, I get comments and stares from my girls all the time, they don't hold back on their thoughts of when I "cross the line" haha.
Thanks for a great post and a glimpse into your spectacular closet!

Tiana and Milica said...

love your blog, dear <3


michele said...

oh tina, only you can make a cork counter in a dressing area look avant garde. stop giving away the fashion in the tiny sizes. i'm going to have an anxiety attack. your teeny friend with the high metabolism here can store them for you (and put mileage on them) anytime you wish.

my closet is rather minimal because of my issues. too much stuff steals my energy so i give it away. i think yours looks perfect and classy and balanced!



Carrie said...

Holy cow, her handbag collection cost more than my house. What in the world do these women do to be able to spend so much on accessories?

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