Monday, October 8, 2012


My everyday tote bag is packed with my tools of the trade: tape measure, paint deck, iphone and a bulging notebook.  While I tried for a few days to jot down notes or those fleeting flashes of inspiring ideas on my iphone, I found my clumsy fingers usually left me with a garbled mess of letters; more often than not, when I went back to my note page, I had no idea what I had written down!  Besides, I really missed my journal--a place for me to doodle, draw, daydream and write to my hearts content. I'm back to carrying my bulging tote with my journal safely tucked inside and couldn't be happier.  
"My Brilliant Ideas" Journal-How can you go wrong?
Safari Pocket Journals-perfect for a small bag
MoMA's Pantone Journal keeps you on track
Smythson's Inspiring  "Make It Happen" Journal

Have a great Monday and write on!


Francine Gardner said...

I am just like you, my life is written in my notebooks and could not function without them!

I Dream Of said...

Agreed! Taking notes on the iPhone or iPad just doesn't work for me. I never leave the house without at least a little notebook in my bag - currently a bright pink moleskin (easy to find inside a dark, bottomless pit of a bag!) Happy Monday! XO

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

I am still a sucker for paper journals. iPads etc just don't "ring my bell" ;-) That Smythson one is gorgeous; they have some really divine journals. I suffer from "new exercise book" syndrome every Autumn. Your post has just given me the perfect excuse to go buy another journal ;-)

Ideezine said...

I love my tools, iPhone, laptop, small notebook, regular pen, marker, pulse pen and paper you name it.

It all works for me and I rotate using them why? Because I love variety and because creative individuals made these wonderful tools and they're fun!

Nothing feels better that doing a "mind dump" to capture ideas that stream quickly and then disappear. Catch'em whatever way you can.

Anonymous said...

Great post! something feels real when its written even though I scan and transcribe. JUST call me mid- century!

The enchanted home said...

I am a definite the idea of scribbling my notes in my little book(s) plus I am the queen of lists and an iPhone just doesn't cut it! Besides I love beautiful books and cute little pens:) These are just stunning....I have to get that Safari book...great looking!

classic • casual • home said...

I love to have a pretty notebook for notes...since I use it everyday.

The Pink Pagoda said...

I have to write, too. I try to put things in my phone and it never works out well! These notebooks are perfect -- thanks for sharing!

Garden, Home and Party said...

I'm definitely a pen and paper person and a journal is so much fun to view later and recount what was going on during a particular month. My son gave me a tiny 'field notes' journal that is light weight for those times you can't carry a heavier journal. Love some of the journals you've shown.

zanetastyle said...

Wow, I feel behind here. I have the ipad, iphone and try to make notes there..and loose flying around in my tote...papers. Probably need one of those journals (:
Thanks for helping me organize my life a bit!'
ciao Z

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Well, it seems there IS a Team of Paper Pals out there. Me, too. I have a perfect-green moleskin in my bag. LoVe your suggestions here. Write on indeed!