Friday, December 19, 2014


The GORGEOUS couple
During their recent whirlwind three day visit, Kate and William squeezed in dinner with moi. OK, there were a few others there, 450 to be exact--but it felt intimate and very special.  
Prince William's Place Setting
Shhhh! I was one of a handful that knew the Prince and Princess would be traveling to to New York to celebrate the 600th Anniversary of St. Andrews nearly 14 months ago but couldn't tell anyone. As part of the St. Andrews parents benefit committee, (my daughter CeCe attended) we were a group of about twenty that worked on planning the gala benefit and were sworn to royal secrecy. 
Kate and Will St. Andrews Graduation Day
As you may know, Kate and William met and fell in love at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. With the 600th Anniversary approaching, they wanted to do something special for the school (and help fund the University's endowment) with a gala in NYC. We knew a party at the Metropolitan Museum would be spectacular, and it was.
St. Andrews Grads in their traditional red robes holding ribbons to keep us back!
Cocktails were held in the Mets Great Hall, the majestic entry to the museum. Its a neoclassic work of art with three immense domes and a series of grand arches--the perfect reception area to greet a Prince and Princess. Cocktails had a decidedly Scottish flair with a whiskey tasting bar and mini Scottish haggis puffs. I went Continental with a glass of French champagne and a cavier blini. 
Me glammed up and waiting...
With a flurry of paparazzi bulbs and a regal announcement Kate and Will were lead through the room in a small procession. St. Andrews graduates in their red robes greeted them on each side as they made their way down the hall. While photos were forbidden, most of us couldn't help sneaking our iPhone out and taking a quick shot or two as they made their way in.  

Kate charmed the pants off Anna Wintour and Mary Kate Olsen
Kate was simply radiant in a midnight blue pleated gown with her hair swept up in a side chignon that showed off her emerald and diamond chandelier earrings. 
Anna and Kate dishing at the bar
You absolutely need a bag pipe player
Princess Eugenie made the party too.
Dinner was held in the Temple of Dendur. It's an imposing and glamorous space even in the light of day.  At night with dramatic lighting, jewel toned flowers and bag pipers in their tartan it was warm, intimate, spectacular.

I loved working on the rooms table decor. We kept it traditional with a St. Andrews plaid topper which covered a gold silk tablecloth. Flowers in golds and deep reds were layered on the table and added warmth and glamour to the room.

Kate and William's table post party
William's speech touched on his fondness for the University, it's traditions and of course, the fact that he met his future wife there--he was funny and charming! 
A perfect ending to the evening: Kate was presented with a baby St. Andrews red robe for her future prince or princess!


I Dream Of said...

Wow, Barbara. Just. Wow. What an amazing event. Everything was gorgeous. Kate was just stunning (as always). Pure magic. You looked beautiful, too!

Something to remember! Thanks so much for bringing us along.

Hope you are enjoying the season. XOXO

Jeannine520 said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely evening with us. Amazing!!!

The enchanted home said...

Whoa Barbara...amazing!! What a fabulous and glamorous evening, you looked stunning! And is that a smile I see on Anna? That's a first:) They are such a wonderful and likable pair that I am sure it made planning such an event loads of fun.

Thanks for sharing the highlights, and wishing a beautiful holiday and all good things in 2015!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

OHHH Thanks for taking these fun photos and letting us be there! Very cool! You look so pretty. Merry Christmas.

Constance said...

How fun to actually be there and be part of such a glamorous event - I bet you will remember that occasion with royalty forever!

Anonymous said...

So cool! Amazing- love your photos and thanks for sharing.
-Linda, ny

Carolyn said...

That is absolutely not Kate standing at the bar with Anna!

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Wow!! Congratulations on being able to keep that secret for 14 months. I know I would have slipped up somewhere along the line. How wonderful of you to be part of such a wonderful event.
You looked absolutely gorgeous xx

Deanna said...

I just found your post and am enchanted. What a magical evening! Your designs were fit for a prince and princess, and the whole evening looked glamorous and you looked beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I'll be flooding your blog with interest! May 2015 be filled with many more magical days and nights.Dea

Ann said...

What a fun evening, thanks for sharing your memories!

Beent1982 said...

i love these photos,and i think that they are art