Thursday, February 18, 2010


"I am an idealist. I am certain that very soon now humanity will arrive at a marvelous epoch totally devoid of Knoll chairs, jogging pants, tennis shoes and baseball caps sideway use, and the obscenity of Japanese rock gardens five thousand miles from Kyoto." Pedro Friedeberg

I first came upon artist Pedro Friedberg's iconic hand sculpture chair a few years ago on the cover of Metropolitan Home. I was intrigued by the chair's organic simplicity, but also a bit confused-while the chair was placed in a traditional seating arrangement, with its artfully curved fingers cupped into a cozy seat, surely this was not a chair for family lounging. I imagined the sculpture in my living room, playful, elegant fingers shining in the morning sunlight-until someone threw their book bag or tennis racquet into its golden grasp. Oops, time for a reality check. Clearly the hand will have remain an object of desire, along with the voluminous pale blue Scalamandre silk, a wish for another day.

 Jamie Drake's sleek apartment featured in The New York Times

The whimsical hand chair, first introduced by Friedeberg in 1962, has enjoyed a near cult like following over the years with a list of bold faced designers from Kelly Wearstler to Arnold Scassi collecting the artists pieces. The sculpture was recently featured in a piece on designer Jamie Drake's sleek Manhattan rental apartment in The New York Times.  Drake kept his color quotient at a minimum, allowing the thoughtful sculpture the attention it deserves.

 The fluid lines of the hand contrasts the stark New York skyline.

Nate Berkus designed home for Brian Atwood, Elle Decor

Jonathan Adler keeps it cool in his Florida pied-a-terre, Met Home.

Pop culture! A striking tableaux featuring a pair of hand and feet chairs and coffee table. Photo courtesy of Paul Friedeberg
Designer Kelly Wearstler's entry foyer.
Foot and hand table, photo Pedro Friedeberg.
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red ticking said...

is it a weekend in the hamptons ??? he he have a wonderful weekend... xx pam

Brodsky Organization said...

I saw the piece in Jamie Drake's Manhattan rental apartment in the feature you referenced, and I too fell in love. Friedberg's work has become a staple of pop culture and has been immortalized through the interior design of the homes of the elite.