Saturday, February 27, 2010


I love the pace of the city;  the constant bustle and buzz provides me with inspiration and energy, but there are days when my mind requires me to take a break and slow down. After slogging through the snow and slush for days, I knew it was time to recharge at my favorite afternoon spot, the Tea Box Restaurant at Takashimaya. The Japanese department store is located amid the bustle of Fifth Avenue-its sleek and calming Japanese aesthetic houses a comingling of eastern and western sensibilities. The beautifully edited store is the perfect place to find something special- from the unusual selection of sake sets to the Japanese imported silk pillows, I always find something new and unique.

Hidden away on the lower level is the Tea Box Restaurant, a quiet and serene oasis of blonde wood that specializes in Asian teas and unique Bento box creations. I met a friend for afternoon tea and we had fun choosing from the long list of 39 varieties of Asian tea. An artfully prepared plate of smoked salmon and cucumber tea sandwiches were served atop Japanese sushi rice-absolutely delicious! Revitalized, I left the store with tiny packages of vanilla black tea and organic green tea for a future zen moment.
 Tea sandwiches Japanese style
 Thirty-nine varieties of Asian tea.
 Take me home-beautiful blue egg tea pot and cups.
 Iron tea pot with ceramic tea cups.
 Selection of green teas, beautifully wrapped.

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