Monday, March 12, 2012


Whether your design aesthetic is traditional or it leans towards a more modern bend, the addition of an animal statue or sculpture can add visual excitement and the perfect touch of whimsy to a room's decor. I'm especially fond of the sleek white greyhound statues which look so elegant flanking a front door or fireplace. I recently came across a beautiful rhino statue at John Rosselli's antique shop. It was so playful and full of character-it stood out amongst a beautiful vignette of vases and other fine antique objects on a bookshelf. I passed by the rhino several times during my visit, each time the sweet statue bringing a smile to my face. I could think of a dozen places in my home that the statue would make a lovely addition--a stylish nod to the call of the wild! 

Flock of sheep anyone?


Francine Gardner said...

I love this post. you made me realize how much i incorporate animal life in my designs. Let's home, I have very large photographs of orangutans, 2 beautiful antique dogs standing guard, an elephant ceramic sculpture,... in my Interieurs Showroom: a penguin on the terrace, large elephant photograph, a mahogany sculpture of a Rhino I purchased in Tanzania, bronze monkeys, plaster dove sculptures black and in White... a real zoo

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

This is such a fun post, Barbra! I have birds, dogs, horses, owls, and a few turtles. (Not all in the same room) Have a great week!

Acquired Objects said...

We have a leather Rino in our living room aside from Dylan dog who takes up a large amount of room. I hope you're having a beautiful spring day in NYC.


Splendid Sass said...

Love the elephants!! Animals make almost everyone happy, don't they?! Thank you for sharing.
Happy Monday.

CDS said...

I adore the flock sheep (like the ones at Burberry's) and I'm a big fan of Jonathan Adler's animal menagerie. So pretty!

Splendid Market said...

they really do add an imaginitive touch to a room. You have a great eye.

Karen said...

I love the dual purpose of the camel...whimsey and function!

Donna said...

Great post! I absolutely love using animals in some sort in my designs. I especially loved the elephant!!