Monday, June 11, 2012


While riding my bike this weekend I couldn't help but notice the prevalence of vintage inspired bikes coasting around town. I spotted a kelly green Kate Spade bike parked outside St. Ambroeus restaurant and the new C.Wonder store had a trio of pastel old school models leaning against the store windows. While two wheels and a squishy seat will never replace a sleek vintage convertible, the bicycle has recently had a makeover of sorts, with designers branding their own wheels and vintage editions being re-created in Europe and the states. Add to this trend an assortment of great accessories-wicker dog baskets, reproduction brass bell ringers and custom leather grips, and you have a very stylish bike that looks as good as it rides.

Adeline Adeline is at the forefront of this trend.  A New York City based boutique bicycle shop with an assortment of custom built bicycles, I'm smitten with the elegant lines of the Bella Ciao bike built in Northern Italy. The pretty pistachio color and luxurious saddle leather has me dreaming of cycling the streets of Torino this summer, but I'll could make do with a ride to town on this stunner and a gelato!
 Ciao Bella Bike
 Dutch Bell Ringers
Wicker Dog Basket
English Poppy Bicycle
Nantucket Basket


Splendid Sass said...

Oh my, so much gorgeous and fun here. I love this bike! The bells and baskets are perfect too.
Happy Monday, Barbara.

I Dream Of said...

We were poking around a vintage bike store the other day, and I couldn't help but think of my parents' old bikes, stored away somewhere. It may be time to dig them out and use them to cruise around town.
Happy Monday, Barbara! XO

Lulu {The Home You Make} said...

OH my! Is it too early to start my Christmas wish list?!?

Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

I scoured a beach cruiser during a One kings Lane sale and I love it! I am loving that designers are creating their own bikes. So fun!

Ideezine said...

My husband and I just updated our bikes: tires, brakes, lights and added bells. We have been riding and some of our family members live in cities with full path across their cities. With great trails (Paseo's) with resting, eating and grocery shopping in mind as well as exercise.
So to ride 20 miles one way is doable, aerobic and so so fun.

On YouTube their are many videos recorded in places like Holland of a bike rides that have you can watch (muted) and just enjoy the scenery for over an our. It really gives you a feel for bike friendly cities.

Fun post!

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Loving these bikes! How fun to be able to cruise around town like that on a bike. The baskets are too cute!

The enchanted home said...

Love these!! Does this mean we are going to start seeing ladies look like ladies again and go back to "old time" dressing? I would love it and maybe we can take it on step further and "good manners" can be in vogue it and feel like we are moving too fast. I love anything that is nostaligic and a relic of the past!

Donna Vining said...

How fun are these!! I remember these back in the day! Would love to ride one of these in a fun dress ringing the bell!!

Garden, Home and Party said...

I do love this trend. Some of the bicycles I've seen make me want to petal to work...other than the fact that it would create a very bad hair day! Such a fun post.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Love these! and I desperately need a new bike! with a basket, of course!

Punctuation Mark said...

Those are the cutest bikes... I so want one!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Oh my! I am in love with all those bike accessories! So much fun!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger

quintessence said...

I was just admiring their bike bells!! I wish I could ride a bike around town but I live on a lane off of a very busy road!

cosplay costumes said...

Love the bikes!So cute!The blue one is my favourite!And baskets are adorable!