Friday, November 1, 2013


Look at any well designed room and you will immediately notice the rug. Whether its a bold David Hicks inspired wool carpet or a luxurious silk solid, a carpet can set the tone and style for your room and provide a foundation for the rest of your furnishings. For the Designer Showhouse I was lucky to partner with Rug-Art a to the trade bespoke rug company in NYC.  When I visited their showroom I knew that my room would house a white Milo Baughman table and gray walls--that was it.  I was looking for something luxurious and beautiful, something that would add texture and make the room pop. That's when I saw a small sample of a mosaic hair on hide rug. I'd never worked with hair on hide before but found the palette of rich grays and natural textures irresistible. 
The ancient mosaic pattern was transformed into something fresh and modern. The rug was a little short for the room so we added two gray hide rugs at either end to extend the rug line--I love the way the hides add a sculptural element to the room.
Close up of the room's rug
 This contemporary room is anchored by a Hicks inspired hair on hide rug

Get the look for less with this Marquis wool rug


therelishedroost said...

You did a unbelievable job! Thanks for sharing resource,
Have a wonderful weekend!

I Dream Of said...

Wow, that looks fantastic. I love what you did and agree that it looks fresh and modern. Also love the addition of the hides. Very cool. Great job! XO

Splendid Market said...

What a beautiful carpet, so perfect in that room. I love the addition of the hides, it adds a nice casual air.

The enchanted home said...

Those are fabulous looking....great job on the room too. I cannot wait to see it. Hope you get some rest, will email you.

carolyn bradford said...

What a fabulous room and the rug certainly sets it off! I haven't ever seen a mosaic on a hide rug either….love that it mimics the mosaics in the tile we've all come to know and love. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Looks the rug and the orange curtains...great job!

Susan Lewis said...

Love the rugs!!! Great job!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Great job and very timely as I'm on the hunt for a new dining room rug!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Great job, Barbara!! I am dying over these rugs!!

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

Such a brilliant choice!!!

designchic said...

It looks amazing- know you are thrilled!! Just love the rugs.

Laura Madalene said...

Fantastic job you did. I liked it and a new follower. thanks for your new idea. Home Decor Ideas

Anonymous said...


A True believer.


Anonymous said...

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laura Madalene said...

Every room looks spectacular! You have some beautiful things to decorate with and you make it all look extra special. You've even got snow to make your outdoor decorations look even more wonderful!Hotel Decoration