Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Somethings Gotta Give

Amanda Peet and the ubiquitous Zabar's bag heading to the Hamptons.

It's with more than a touch irony that my last published post written (gasp!) two months ago was titled Hide and Seek. While not intentional, the title certainly foreshadowed my hiatus from blogsphere, my blogging friends and writing in general. I'm sorry I've been gone for so long but hope today's post, Somethings Gotta Give, answers the all important question--"Where have you been girl?"

I wish I had a big, sexy story to tell; it would be great to be able to tell you that I spent the last two months in St. Petersberg designing a spectacular dacha for an oligarch but it was really just life getting a little too crazy all at once--a flurry of work with two fabulous clients with Christmas deadlines and kids home for the holidays left me with little time, drive or imagination for writing. So I decided to give myself a free pass, the first in four years of writing Hampton Hostess, promising myself that I would return in the new year re- energized and ready to go. And so I'm officially back, linking my first post of 2014 with one of my first posts ever, (I Got Something From Somethings Gotta Give) a piece about Jack and Diane and the fabulous dhurrie rug I scored from the movie set of Somethings Gotta Give... It's great to be back!

Who wouldn't want a chair formerly occupied by two Oscar winning actors?

A big thanks to Cote de Texas for featuring photos of my bedroom in her post on the chic beachy striped rug yesterday.  There is a fun story behind the rug that involves a fantastic charity event, the DDD (decorators, dealers and designers) that benefits the Southampton Fresh Air Home, a local charity.  Held in June, the event features rooms of furniture and antiques donated by some of the most fabulous homes in the Hamptons.  Designers and clients buy the expensive tickets for the event and line up at 5:00, waiting for the doors to oven at 5:30. When the doors open, a stampede of blue blazers and sundresses make their way at a heart racing pace through the rooms, buying nearly everything in their tracks. 
Architectural Digest
In 2008, one of the rooms was entirely furnished with stunning furniture and decorative objects from the set of Something's Gotta Give, and as you might imagine, that room was a first destination for the design savvy crowd. By the time I got there, the English Country sofas, upholstered in delicate eggshell blue linen and the large mahagony coffee table were long gone.  Lucky for me, no one seemed to look down and see the beachy blue striped cotton rug-bingo!  I was also very fortunate to find a beautiful set of 12 delicate framed cameos in beautiful gold frames--a designer had decided not to buy them at the last moment and I was there to snatch them up. Tucked in a corner sat an unclaimed  pretty Oly Studio Hannah chair and ottoman upholstered in raffia and cotton duck, also from the movie set.
There have been years when I've bought at auctions, caught in the heady buying frenzy, only to have a severe case of buyers remorse when I got the items home.  But that did not happen with my fabulous finds from Something's Gotta Give--they were just perfect.

Bold stripes dominate the cotton dhurrie rug and compliment the beachy blue and beige color scheme.  

 The set of 12 cameo prints were broken into sets of 8 and 4, covering 2 walls in the sitting room. The tiny cameos make a big impression when grouped and hung in a grid pattern. The two black lacquered side tables are from Old Town Crossing in Southampton and the white duck love seat is from English Country Antiques.

 Small and delicate, the cameos come to life in smart gold frames and beveled white matting.

Here's another favorite photo which shows how a grouping of small inexpensive photos can look spectacular when massed together on one wall.

Larger than life cameos hung closely together, make a big impression in this living room.


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

What a lucky find! And a fun story. Welcome back!

The enchanted home said...

Welcome back, was thinking of you the other day wondering where oh where you had gone! Fun story about one of my all time favorite movies, lost count of how many times I have seen this movie! Love the rug and cameos and how you put them to beautiful use! Glad you are back, happy 2014!

I Dream Of said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you were able to take some time away to recharge (sometimes something does have to give) but we missed you.

What a fun story! This is one of my favorite movies, I think as much for the beautiful interiors as for the story, so how wonderful to have a few pieces of it to bring home. Loved how you've used them - your bedroom is amazing.
Happy 2014!! XOXO

Karena Albert said...

I was so thrilled to see your post this morning! The framed cameos are wonderful and the rug is perfect! Treasures indeed! Plus Somethings Gotta Give is a favorite movie of mine...

Kansas City Culture

therelishedroost said...

So glad to see you back! your room at the show house was fabulous you should be so proud!! you posted one of my all time favorite movies!! the set was beautiful too!


thank you for all your good wishes---I'm glad to hear you missed me as much as I missed you all :)

michele said...

happy new year, beautiful barbara. omg, this story is fantastic about the rug. you are a rockstar. to think of the actors who have set foot on it. (keanu alone! oy!).



CDS said...

Welcome back! I just got back last week myself!! :) XOXO AND that WAS a fun story to read because i LOVE that movie!

Jalon Burton said...

Ok, I don't know if this is serendipity or not but I, too, have been gone (for quite too long) I hope you remember me and my blog. Design is... All in the Detail. I have just returned to writing and what a wonderful surprise to find... your post on my all time favorite Movie House! HA
I would love for you to stop by and visit me again... hope to see you again soon. Jalon

Punctuation Mark said...

I had the same MIA situation you had... life got a bit too busy! happy 2014 my friend!

Beautifulosophy said...

I love the movie and also the interiors in it! Fabulous! Also like your blog! xo Caroline

pretty pink tulips said...

Welcome back, Barbara!! We've missed you but we all understand the need for time in the "real world"!!

Hope all the kiddos are well, business is booming and that you're having fun!

Great score on the rug!
xoxo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

A well deserved break. Hope you are sufficiently recharged and glad to be back in blog land - your readers are thrilled!