Monday, June 23, 2014


Innovator, iconoclast, design icon; Diane von Furstenberg is all of these and so much more. With her introduction of the wrap dress in 1974, DVF launched a design empire and changed the direction of fashion. Now add "interior design guru" to her vast list of accomplishments with the launch of her new fabric Collection for Kravet.

I recently had the privilege to meet DVF at a cocktail party held at the Kravet NYC Showroom which introduced her new line of bold, color infused fabric designs. 
Dynamic and vivacious, Diane told the audience that she always wanted to create a fabric Collection--what a natural progression for this textile driven designer!
Design board for the new collection-her love of large scale graphics are clearly evident in this line infused with vibrant colors
 Cumulus features a happy combo of her signature "beet" and orange.
The designer's fondness for bold animal prints come to life in Funk Zebra
Named for the infamous 1980's dance club, "China Club" is a fearless update on a black and white a geometric print.

What's next for DVF? A reality show on E! slated for November. If its anything like the rest of her projects, its destined to be a success!


Anonymous said...

Love DIANE VON FURSTENBERG... I remember that wrap dress and the patterns she used. I like the bold designs and her material choices are great.

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