Thursday, December 24, 2009


The blizzard of 2009 struck just in time to play havoc on flights leaving New York this past weekend. My flight to Palm Beach was canceled-twice, so we got into our car and hit the road! I wish I could say the ride was fun, but honestly, we drove to near exhaustion, barely stopping for necessities and finally made it to Florida yesterday.

When we arrived, a beautiful Christmas was standing majestically in the corner, white lights twinkling, waiting to be decorated. Our family tradition dictates that the tree is not decorated until we all arrive and make a little party out of it. Speaking of tradition, several years ago my mother decided to buy all new decorations for the tree, a plan that was met with about as much enthusiasm as a visit to the dentist.  We were all were so emotionally attached to the old ornaments and the memories that were attached to them that the thought of not using them felt sacrilege. But soon, bright, shiny new ornaments arrived along with yards of beautiful plaid ribbon. We played songs from A Tony Bennett Christmas, drank Champagne and took turns on the ladder hanging the hard to reach places. I must admit, the tree looks quite spectacular, although I do miss the old Christmas Angel that used to crown the tree. Perhaps she will make a surprise appearance tonight!

I will be posting from sunny Florida all this week-I hope you will join me, and Happy Holidays to All!


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