Monday, December 28, 2009


It's that quiet week, after the Christmas frenzy and before your champagne toast to the New Year, that can be the perfect time to gather a few friends for an impromptu dinner party.  Last night we decided to host a few friends for a casual dinner to take advantage of the beautiful Christmas tree and flowers centerpieces that were fully in bloom and looking gorgeous.  We set the table with a set of Lynn Chase plates called Parrots of Paradise, which depict tropical birds in vibrant shades of red and green. The classic floral centerpieces of red roses, white tulips and fresh greens complimented the dinnerware and the striped candles were a whimsical addition. A menu of grilled fish with fresh mango salsa, grilled asparagus and potatoes was cooked on the grill-so much easier than in my galley kitchen in NYC! Because the flowers and room decor were already in place, half the work for the party was done. We served ice cream and Christmas cookies for a simple and delicious dessert.


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