Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've been breaking drinking glasses at an Olympian pace recently, not on purpose, but I seem to have developed a bad case of butterfingers and our glass supply has really suffered.  The thin Riedel glasses were the first to go-a little clink against the sink and I had shards of glass everywhere.  I've even managed to drop several of the thick skinned plaid Ralph Lauren glasses-if I was a superstiticious person, I would be very worried right now.  Left with a a sad assortment of "singles", I went to shop for new glasses at Fishs Eddie, a home goods store in downtown Manhattan that specializes in retro-themed tableware as well as classic restaurant quality glassware and dinnerware.  The store is the perfect balance of fun and utility-classic diner "blue plate special" plates, carnival inspired cafe au lait cups and delicate Toile glasses are some of the unusual items I found during my visit.

Tablewares are displayed in large wooden bins or old wooden shelves giving the store a festive country market vibe.  In the back I found a vintage area loaded with pressed glass pieces in beautiful pinks and greens.  Inventory changes often, so don't be surprised if the adorable sailor glasses that you were eyeing last week are gone.  I bought two sets of glasses;  a pretty painted Italian floral pattern and just for fun, a set of  hula glasses. Superstition aside, I left there feeling pretty lucky.

 Paper sale tags hang from the ceiling lending an old country store feel to the store.

My favorite-Italian wine glasses with delicate painted florals, perfect for breakfast too.

Stacks of vintage glassware can be found in the back of the store.  The Jadite goblets are so beautiful!

Can't be grumpy when you drink your o.j. in these cat and dog glasses.

No cocktail umbrellas needed with these fun hula girls.

Floor plan plates-are you looking for a Park Avenue penthouse or Tribeca loft?

Tumbler Georgia jade glass-so beautiful!

Carnival cafe au lait cups-perfect for my morning coffee.
Toile inspired tall glasses-better than wallpaper.

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes anyone?


Lauren said...

This is one of my favorites too, not to mention it's right across from ABC Carpet & Home. I wish I had more space in my kitchen for all of it!

Design Candy said...

When I was workign in NYC, Fishs Eddy was one of my favorite spots for props! Thanks for the update, I haven't been there in so long! I miss it!