Tuesday, May 11, 2010


 Terra cotta pot lady courtesy Sacramento magazine
When I first came across visual designer Catherine Greenup's work, I had to do a double take. A collection of feathers, pine cones, leaves and shells, items found on an afternoon walk, were masterfully transformed into incredible decorative works of art. While my collection of shells and pine cones have found homes in decorative glass jars, Greenup has artfully created tender antelope hand made from tiny pine cone bracts and dark and soulful mounted horse busts completely crafted from feathers. For traditionalists, the Louis XVI chair frame has been adorned with seashells and pine cone bracts, a decorative twist, bringing a touch of nature to a classic standard. I'm in love with the white-tailed deer bust and whimsical squirrels-a beautiful and thoughtful collection inspired by nature!

Free standing small antelope 
Feather horse bust assembled from a variety of dyed feathers.
White-tailed deer bust made from pine cone bracts, moss and lichens with willow branch antlers.
Sweet squirrels

Pine cone back chair
Seashell back chair
Knothole art
Black walnut tables
Gold leaf table


The Shiny Pebble said...

While I wouldn't see her work at my house, any reputable window display designer should have her phone number on speed dial.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

It is lovely!

The Buzz said...

I'm nuts for that Louis XVI chair with the pinecones - what a way to start a conversation at the dinner table!

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