Thursday, May 17, 2012


We're at the end of our Closet Confidential series and I have to give some serious kudos to all the fabulous bloggers who opened their great closets and shared their design inspiration for us all to see.  If you missed some of the series, here's your chance to read them all:
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Of course, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't open the doors to my closet for everyone so here goes...
What are the five essential items in your closet?
Dark wash jeans, crisp white blouse, perfect little black dress, great black pumps and a black faille trench coat.
The one thing that I should get rid of but just can't seem to part with-
I have a Pucci shirt that the dry cleaners destroyed but I can't seem to part with it even though I can't wear it!

Describe your perfect outfit
Jil Sander cotton sateen black trousers, Jimmy Choo kitten heels and a Loro Piana feather light cashmere sweater.

Theres always room in my closet for-
More shoes!
My dream closet would include-
My client has the most fantastic walk in closet that is currently being custom built. One cabinet will have separate drawers for rings, watches, bracelets and a pull out slide for necklaces.  It's so clever!
I never have enough-
Cashmere sweaters-I'm obsessed.

Designer closet envy would be-
Steven Gambrel's Ikat lined closets and my client's new closet, so pretty I've suggested we have a little cocktail party inside to celebrate!
Neat or messy-
I'm being honest here--messy (how embarrassing!)--it starts out neat but then you know...

My latest addition to my closet is-
Milly sundress--I'm ready for summer!
You would be surprised I have/don't have-
Knee high boots-they're not a good look on me.

I have an extensive collection of-
Sandals--I can't resist adding to the collection every summer, especially if I travel to Spain or Italy where you must buy shoes!
Your organizational motto is-
Color code your closet.
What do you like about your closet-
It's great to have a nice long hallway with closets on both sides.  My husband has one side (the shorter side!) and my side has a walk in area with shoe shelves. I also have a pretty raffia ottoman next to a mirrored wall so I can put my shoes on and see how everything looks.
What would you change?
When I designed the closet I put in lots of shelves but not enough drawers.  

Right now your closet is in a state of-
Utter chaos. I just had the bedroom repainted and I have to purge and reorganize asap!

Thanks to everyone who participated--I just loved working on this series with you all!


Splendid Sass said...

Love your closet, and the Gambrel closet is gorgeous too!
Enjoyed your post, Barbara.
Happy Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful closet! Love the ottoman!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I am in love with the animal print shoes. Beautiful closets.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

My latest house has a small, non-walkin-in closet, so I did some serious purging before the move. Right now my closet is kinda neat, for me, anyway!

michele said...

i am so late to the party and must catch up on all your closet confidential lovely.

i love your closet! and a closet cocktail party sounds fabulous!

do you know the site closetvisit? just posted about it and was telling someone i would love to do something in the same vein but with my own twist. it's such a fun concept!



I Dream Of said...

What a fun series this has been, and I LOVED getting a peek into your closet, Barbara. Of course you have such chic and classic taste. Your Milly sundress is perfect for sunny summer days. (I still haven't organized my closet, maybe next week!) XO

miss b said...

I love the idea of the separate drawers for all the jewellery and those kitten heels are gorgeous!

lovely things said...

Your closet is all the doors with glass on top and the hardware...very pretty.

Donna said...

Beautiful closet!! Loving the Steven Gambrel Ikat Linen in the cabinet panels!!
Happy Friday!

Leslie said...

I missed some of these so I need to catch up! Beautiful post Barbara and share your love for cashmere and Jimmy Choo.

Enjoy your weekend!


christy said...

Such beautiful inspiration. We are in the process of moving but the thing I am most excited about is getting my very own walk in closet in our new house! I will have to come back to this post to take a look. Also you might want to check your links to the Pretty pink tulips post and enchanted home post, both have an issue fyi. Thanks for the great inspiration.

pretty pink tulips said...

Love all those shoes!!! I agree, I can never have enough!

I love how you have the doors that can close it all away. I love this look!!!

Thanks again for having me participate in your fun series.

Here's to a fabulous weekend --- hopefully in your Jimmy Choo kitten heels. :)

xoxo Elizabeth

Garden, Home and Party said...

I'm so sad to see this series really was fun and often helpful. Consider reviving it somewhere down the road, okay?
Have a wonderful weekend.

The enchanted home said...

So happy I was able to be included in this fabulous series. I love your style and your obession with featherweight cashmere sweaters, great sandals is something I can so relate to. Your closet is beautiful and your ideal outfit? Perfect!! Great post, have a terrific weekend Barbara.

red ticking said...

i am late to the party but you saved the best for last so i got to sneek a peek at yours... we are building karens closets now and her master will be amazing... and the "his" for resale... he he... i think she just wanted a 2nd one... hope to see you this summer... what is your schedule???

Kathleen Lisson said...

I have shared the feeling of sadness at not being able to wear a treasured item of clothing anymore. Maybe you could turn it into a decorative pillow or a travel jewelry pouch to keep the memories in your life?

Jo said...

What a charming series. I always adore a peak into other's closets/dressing rooms.

The French Hutch said...

Great tours of all the closets, and so inspiring. I would love to have any of these, what a luxury! I really must go to work on my space and improve! You've given me plenty of inspiration. Love how you organize. Great post.

The French Hutch